UW-Madison Student Branch

We will try to keep track of students’ pages and provide pointers to relevant IEEE webpages.


  1. Access and join IEEE: https://students.ieee.org/become-a-member/
  2. UW-Madison undergraduate IEEE web pages don’t include links to IEEE
  3. This summer undergraduates in the UW-Madison student branch are soliciting interest for this fall using Discord.

There are several sets of web pages created by UW-Madison undergraduates.
None reference web pages where students can learn more about and join IEEE

  1. WIN: Campus student organization office (Wisconsin Involvement Network)
    1. Hosts IEEE Student “Chapter” web pages and lists current faculty advisor
    2. Posts past and upcoming events and news
  2. The ECE department hosts student web pages separately from WIN
    1. College of Engineering Student Life (SLC)
      Student Life (engineering.wisc.edu/student-life/)
      –> Student Organizations (engineering.wisc.edu)
      –> Discipline-Based Organizations (wesc.rso.engr.wisc.edu)
      –> Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers (ieee.slc.engr.wisc.edu)
    2. Subscribe to undergraduate UW campus maillist
    3. Personal, non-UW gmail address to communicate with officers
    4. The IEEE Student Branch Counselor, UW faculty person with direct contact with students, is not listed here.
  3. Active student page not affiliated with UW or IEEE: www.linkedin.com/company/ieee-uw-madison
  4. IEEE Student Branch Officer Responsibilities and Professional Awareness Activities
    1. Other Madison Section student branches
      1. UW-Platteville FB pages / email
      2. Madison College
      3. Student Branch Women in Engineering (WIE) Affinity Groups, Membership, Milwaukee Section
  • Other UW-Madison related references to be aware of..
    1. Division of Business Services Student Organizations
    2. RSO Code of Conduct
    3. CfLI: Center for Leadership & Involvement
    4. ECE Graduate Student Association
    5. WESC: Wisconsin Engineering Student Council
  • This Student Page brought to you by the IEEE Madison Section.