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Palestra – Advanced Analog Systems Design

Monday, November 19th, 2012

Thales/Supelec Chair Advanced Analog Systems Design

Dr. Filipe Vinci dos Santos (Supelec – Paris)

The Thales/Supelec Excellence Chair on Advanced Analog Systems Design is an endowed chair established by Thales and Supélec to support the research and teaching of the interdisciplinary field of mixed-signal and analog systems design, thus fostering engineering student interest in analog systems careers. Thales, a world leader company in mission-critical systems for the Aerospace, Defense and Security markets, together with Supelec, a French “Grande Ecole” (top-tier engineering graduate school and research institution), are uniquely positioned to train and nurture world-class engineering talent. Thales provides the Chair with scientific support and technical expertise, and opens to the members of the Chair the possibility to conduct cutting-edge research together with Thales R&D engineers.

The holder of the Thales/Supelec Excellence Chair on Advanced Analog Systems Design is Dr.. Filipe Vinci dos Santos.


Dr. Filipe Vinci was awarded an M.Sc degree in microelectronics from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (COPPE-PEE) in 1992, and a doctorate in physics-microelectronics from the University Joseph Fourier (Grenoble, France) in 1998.

Dr. Filipe Vinci is an experienced researcher with 20 years of experience, developing analog and mixed-signal systems for research, industrial, and scientific instrumentation applications.

These developments covered a large variety of integrated sensors. Dr. Filipe Vinci has designed multi-chip (MCM) integrated microsystems; chemical and temperature sensing systems; solid-state electro-optical imaging systems; for industrial instrumentation, biomedical, aerospace and scientific applications. He has extensive experience carrying out technology characterization and developing integrated circuits for harsh environments (exposed to high temperature, and to radiation), both in bulk CMOS and SOI technologies.

Dr. Filipe Vinci has also led the development of chips for mass-market consumer electronics, within the microelectronics industry. He has designed analog mixed-signal integrated circuits, such as frequency synthesizers, ADCs and DC-DC converters, in advanced CMOS and BCD technologies. These designs are present today in the market within products ranging from cochlear implants to wireless door-opening keys for automotive industry.

Host: Prof. Estêvão Coelho Teixeira

Local: Anfiteatro do Programa de Pós-Graduação em Engenharia Elétrica

Data: 20/11/2012

Horário: 10:00h