IEEE Miami Section




  • Advance the application of engineering sciences and technology to medicine and biology
  • Promote the profession
  • Provide global leadership
  • For the benefit of its members and humanity by disseminating knowledge, setting standards, fostering professional development, and recognizing excellence.

IEEE EMBS members come from everywhere and every walk of life. They work in industry, academic institutions, hospitals, and government agencies. They design the electrical circuits that make a pacemaker run…create the software that reads an MRI…and help develop the wireless technologies that allow patients and doctors to communicate over long distances. They’re interested in bioinformatics, biotechnology, clinical engineering, information technology, instrumentation and measurement, micro and nanotechnology, radiology, and robots. They are researchers and educators, technicians and clinicians; they are the link between science and life science; and they help the modern world work.

From formalized mathematical theory through experimental science, from technological development to practical clinical applications, IEEE EMBS members support scientific, technological, and educational activities as they apply to the concepts and methods of the physical and engineering sciences in biology and medicine. By working together, we can transform and revolutionize future medicine and healthcare.

For more details about local chapter contact Dr. Pulugurtha Markondeya Raj