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Micromagnetic Model Simulations Considering Write head, Spin-Torque Oscillator, and Double-Layered Medium-

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Invited Lecture

Micromagnetic Model Simulations Considering Write head, Spin-Torque Oscillator, and Double-Layered Medium Layer with Motion


Professor Yasushi KANAI, Dr. Eng.

Department of Information and Electronics Engineering

Niigata Institute of Technology, Japan

Date:               August, 13, 2018

Time:               2:00 PM
Place:               ECE Department, FIU
                     10555 W. Flagler Street, Miami, Florida
                     ECE Conference Room (EC 3960)


Abstract: Microwave-assisted magnetic recording (MAMR) is one candidate for next-generation perpendicular magnetic recording. Theoretical analysis, experiments and simulations have contributed to MAMR research and spin stand experiments have shown the high potential of MAMR. Also, it has been announced that commercial MAMR HDDs will be shipped in 2019. Stable oscillation is one of the most important factors for the spin-torque oscillators (STO) used in a MAMR system.

In this work micromagnetic model simulations were performed to investigate STO integrated into the MP-TS gap of the write head (integrated STO). First, the oscillation states of a tilted STO were investigated in a model comprising the write head, STO and medium soft underlayer (SUL). We found that inserting the STO into a non-parallel MP-TS gap resulted in more stable oscillation compared with an STO in a MP-TS gap perpendicular to the medium surface. Second, we performed full micromagnetic simulations of the write head, STO, SUL and recording layer (RL) and the oscillation of the tilted STO was investigated. We found that the RL affected STO oscillation to some extent, however, the effect was smaller than that from the write head. We also discuss medium recording simulations carried out using the full model.


Short Bio: Dr Yasushi Kanai is a Professor of the Engineering Department at Niigita Institute of Technology, Kashiwazaki, Japan. He has authored and co-authored 160 peer-reviewed journal papers, 220 international and more than 220 national conference records. He specializes in micromagnetic analysis, both in perpendicular magnetic recording heads and media, non-standard finite difference (NS-FDTD) method, and electromagnetic field- heat transfer coupled computations of hyperthermic treatment. He is a Fellow of Applied Computation Electromagnetics Society (ACES).


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