If you are available on 2 Dec from 0530 to 1100, I can really use your help at Hydration Station 71 (HS71), on Front Street east of Bass Pro. We will serve Gatorade and/or water to about 16,000 runners.

HS71 is at about the 1 mile point on the 5K/10K course which starts at 7:00 am. The first runners will pass us going northbound on Front Street about 7:05 am.

The Half and Full Marathon starts at 8:00 am and the lead runners will pass us  at about 8:15 am (about mile 3) going southbound on Front Street. They proceed southbound on Front Street to Georgia Avenue and turn west (toward the Mississippi River) then turn north on Riverside Drive. At Union Avenue they turn east and run uphill to Front Street where they turn north . The lead runner will pass us again going northbound on Front Street at about 8:40 am (about mile 6.7). The last runners/walkers will pass us about 11:30.

I believe the slower runners will still be going by us southbound when the faster runners come by us going northbound.

We will need to be there from 5:30 am until about 11:45 am.

    Please email Elizabeth Hayes (ehayes6@cbu.edu) if you are interested