IEEE Blockchain Groups – The Americas (the geographic section that the Memphis local BC group is part of) is planning a virtual event on 9/15. Details are still being sorted.Blockchain901/FIT Blockchain SeriesThese events are organized through the partnership between FedEx Institute of Technology and Blockchain901.

  • Ramesh Ramadoss (Chair of the IEEE Standards Committee and Co-chair of the IEEE Blockchain Initiative) will speak in October. No date set yet.
  • Info for the July talks on blockchain governance with the chair and vice chair of IEEE P2145 Blockchain Governance Standards Working Group:


FedEx Institute of Technology-Blockchain901 Series (includes links to past recordings):


MEETUP Link with InfoBlockchain Governance Series with Kirsten Pomales and Thomas Cox of IEEE:


“Blockchain Governance: Enterprise Applications” is a virtual three-part event included in the FedEx Institute | Blockchain901 Technology Series.
As Blockchain technology enables new business models, how do we ensure this blockchain ecosystem is designed to continually benefit all stakeholders?

Join two leaders in Blockchain Governance as they help us to understand this complex topic. Thomas Cox and Kirsten Pomales serve as chair and vice-chair of the IEEE P2145 Blockchain Governance Standards Working Group. They will guide us through the intricacies of group decision-making in a three-part event which will end in a hands-on workshop:

Part 1 – Tue 7/13 – Learn about the implications of blockchain technology for enterprises
Part 2 – Tue 7/20- Deep dive into why governance will play an integral role in the success of blockchain applications and networks
Part 3 – Tue 7/27- Hands-on workshop on preparing your organization to ideate on, evaluate, and adopt Web 3.0 technology