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InfraGard National Capital Region Cyber Series Webinar June 24, 2019

The InfraGard National Capital Region (InfraGardNCR) invites you to join its upcoming InfraGardNCR Cyber Series webinar on 6/24/2019 at 1 p.m. Eastern!

The InfraGardNCR Cyber Series is hosted every other month by NCR’s IT sector chiefs (Patty Arcano and Chris Foulon). Our June webinar looks at industrial control system malware that might also incorporate physical effects. Our presenter is Robert Lee, CEO and founder of Dragos, Inc.

This webinar is open to everyone, including people who are not InfraGard members, so please forward the invitation to any colleagues who might be interested in the topic. We’ll also record the webinar and archive it on the InfraGard portal for later viewing.

You must register at in advance to attend the webinar. Connection instructions will arrive via automatic email from our Zoom platform.

Here’s a synopsis of what we’ll cover:

There’s been more media attention paid recently to the increasing surfacing of malware which might be targeting ICS and which might also have the potential for kinetic effects. For example, the real-world incident involving the TRISIS/TRITON malware affecting the Triconex safety systems is an indicator of the new strategic threat to cause physical damage to critical infrastructure via cyber attacks.

What’s the current threat landscape in the world of industrial controls? How likely is it that cyber attacks will have real-world physical results? What are the options to defend against these threats?

Join us on 6/24 to find out!

Tell a friend — this webinar is open to all interested parties, regardless of their InfraGard membership status.

More about our speaker:

Robert M. Lee is CEO and Founder of the industrial (ICS/IIoT) cyber security company Dragos, Inc. He is a National Cybersecurity Fellow at New America for critical infrastructure cybersecurity policy issues. Robert was named one of Passcode’s Influencers, awarded EnergySec’s Cyber Security Professional of the Year (2015), and inducted into Forbes’ 30 under 30 for Enterprise Technology (2016). A passionate educator, Robert is the course author of SANS ICS515 – ICS Active Defense and Incident Response and the lead author of SANS FOR578 – Cyber Threat Intelligence. Robert has performed defense, intelligence, and attack missions in government organizations including establishing an ICS/SCADA cyber threat intelligence and intrusion analysis mission for the NSA. He writes and speaks about industrial security, threat intelligence, and cyber security. Robert, along with Jeff Haas, creates a weekly technology and security web comic titled Little Bobby.

Questions? Email the InfraGardNCR coordinators at

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