Awards for Outstanding Volunteers in Malabar Subsection

It was decided at the Executive Committee meeting of MSS held on 24th September 2016 to constitute the following categories of awards.

  • Outstanding Student Branch Counselor in MSS. (Separate Nomination Format which is attached)
  • Outstanding Student Branch Chairperson in MSS
  • Outstanding student chapter office bearer.
  • Outstanding student volunteer
  • Outstanding affinity group volunteer, WIE, YP etc.
  • Most vibrant IEEE Student Branch in MSS.
  • Outstanding Membership Development Volunteer.

Broadly the following norms/criteria will be used in deciding on the award.

  • No of years completed as Member of IEEE
  • Office bearer roles handled under IEEE Kerala Section/ Malabar Subsection
  • Office bearer roles handled by the student Branch / Society
  • Chapter (Chairperson/ Secretary/ExeCom member
  • Coordination of any event
  • Enrolling new members in IEEE
  • Membership(s) in any society chapter(s)
  • Attended any event outside your college
  • Any other award received at Global/ Council/Section/SB levels
  • Recommendations (confidential) from two referees who can vouch for candidates credentials
  • Any other achievements worth mentioning, in addition to the above.

Selection will be based on a set of points for each one of the above attributes.

Nominations for the award for 2017 IEEE year is thus called for.

Eligibility Criteria: Members ( All Categories) under IEEE Malabar Subsection with outstanding contributions
Last date for receipt of nominations & Reference Letters: 01 Dec 2017.

Nominations can be self-nominations or by others.


For Category 1 (Outstanding SB Counselor in MSS), please use the attached Nomination Format.

Duly filled in nomination may be sent to (To The Chair, Awards Committee) within the deadline cited in this notice

Award for the best SB Counselor will be based on the recommendations of the Student Branch and the number of activities held in the SB.

For Consideration for all other categories ( 2-7, above ) please fill up the online registration form below

Nominators have to include the names of two referees who will send their recommendations in the format sent by the Awards Committee directly to the Chair, Awards Committee, within the stipulated time. Non-receipt of referee reports will result in lesser number of points for the award.

All communications on this will be by e-mail.

The schedule (last dates) are fixed for filing nominations are mentioned in the online nomination form