IEEE Mas Link

To submit the matter for publishing in the newsletter IEEE MAS  LINK,  please follow the guidelines at

Please note that the reports not adhering to these guidelines will not get published.

Guidelines for submitting reports and articles to get published in the IEEE MAS LINK newsletter

  • Report only the events held under IEEE umbrella by the SB. Please avoid all events held in the college as IEEE events.
  • Submit the report for each activity separately. Do not include more than one activity in a single report.
  • It is preferred to have a picture associated with the event with IEEE logo and name prominently visible.
  • Reports on activities to be sent within a max of six weeks of the activity. Reports received late may not be considered.
  • The matter may be in doc / rtf  / txt format. Other formats including in pdf, jpg, zip will not be considered.
  • Use SINGLE column format.
  • DO NOT embed the photograph in the document relating to reports. However, images referred in articles may be embedded at appropriate places in the article document.
  • Send ONE relevant photo per activity. Send the photo separately even if the photo is embedded in the report.
  • Preferred format of the photo is “jpg”. Pl. avoid sending the photos in “bmp”,“png” formats.
  • Photographs in digital form SHOULD NOT exceed 1024 pixels in width and size restriction is about 300 KB. Larger than this size will not be considered. You may use the Picture Menu in the Microsoft Office Picture Manager to crop and re-size the pictures.
  • Provide the sender’s name, full affiliation, membership no. and email id at the end of the document and in the email.
  • Send the matter by email with the subject “Report on <Event Name in short> held on <date of the event> at <College name in short>”   For Example:  Report on Symposium held on 6th Feb 2016 at KSRCT.  Another Example: Report on TAP held on 9th Feb 2016 at Kongu.  One more Example:  Report on Tech Talk held on 5th Feb at NEC.
  • Send the matter to the email at  note that the matters sent to other email ids may not be considered.
  • Submitthe matter by 10th of the month to facilitate inclusion in that month’s issue of LINK.
  • We may ignore thesubmitted materials, if they do not follow the above guidelines.

Pl. co-operate with us by adhering to the guidelines specified.

Pl. see below (in the next page) some problems encountered by us in the reports submitted for publishing.

We have provided “some Dos” while reporting the matter publishing. Pl. follow them and help the Editorial Team in bringing out a good quality newsletter

 You can also see a brief presentation on reporting for newsletter in the shared folder at

 From this shared folder, please download the presentation  ieee-mas-link-reporting-x.ppt and view it.

 Problems encountered

  • Last day reporting (around 10th of the month)
  • Not in word doc format but PDF / zip files
  • Embedding pictures in document & not sending picture separately
  • Large size pictures
  • Uncropped pictures with large whitespace
  • Multiple pictures
  • Multi column document
  • Tables in the report
  • Reporting events not related to IEEE / not organised under IEEE banner
  • Sending to other than

Reporting — some DOs


  • Use good language in drafting the report
  • Use Active voice
  • Avoid including too many names. However credit organisers
  • Avoid rudimentary items – prayers, welcome, felicitations,  thanking, lunch etc.,
  • Provide the gist of the talk / essentials of the event
  • Avoid tables, multi columns in reporting
  • Read, edit, revise and spell check before submitting
  • Follow the guidelines
  • If more info / pictures / presentations to be included, share them through gDrive or SB website
  • Learn and follow the style from the edited & published report of your activity in the newsletter


  • Select ONE good picture to include in the report. For major events multiple pictures are accepted
  • Review the picture using MS Office Picture Manager
  • Crop the picture for white spaces & unwanted details
  • Re-size the picture to 800×600 / 1024×768 pixels
  • Check the brightness – Use “Auto Brightness” to optimize


  • Provide subject (in short) as per guidelines and avoid lengthy subjects
    • Report on STTP on Digital system design using Xilinx /Tanner tool held during 20th -22nd Dec 2016 at RIT
    • Report on Seminar on Overview of Analog Electronics and Its Real time Applications on 29th November 2016
    • Faculty Development Training Programme (FDTP) on Cs 6004 – Cyber Forensics 14th Nov 2016 to 15th Nov 2016 @PIT
  • Mail the report with attachments to  
  • Send the reports as soon as the event gets over and do not wait till the last date
  • Reply / Act on mails if the editorial team interacts with you
  • If you need any clarifications, pl. email to the editorial team at