Dear IEEE members, Lebanon Section,

We are proud to be a community partner with Zaka, bringing you the latest 2-day ONLINE Reinforcement Learning (RL) hands-on crash course with a 20% discounted price!

We think it’s time for YOU to maximize your rewards. This crash course introduces the basics of RL and teaches the needed ingredients to cast the decision-making processes that we face daily in different fields (engineering, gaming, finance, …) into well-formulated RL problems.

Throughout the hands-on crash course, you will be able to interact with RL environments and agents in OpenAI Gym and implement algorithms (such as Q-learning) to develop smart RL agents.

The course also provides an introduction to Deep RL through the implementation of deep Q-networks in RL settings.

REGISTER for the crash course to acquaint yourself with the basics of RL, and experience building your own algorithms on some of the most commonly used platforms!

Be sure to tap on the link to learn more about the course objectives, schedule, and instructor.

Dates: Friday, August 7 and Saturday, August 8

Time: 15h00-20h00 (GMT+3), 10h00-18h00 (GMT+3).


Basic programming background (preferably in Python)

Basic knowledge of probability theory

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P.S. Certificate will be provided for those who complete the crash course.

If you have any questions, please email Zaka in