Talk: Receptacles – Nightmare at about a foot and a half

Engineering Institute Lecture Series
Sponsored by EI, ASME, IEEE, and ANS

Receptacles – Nightmare at about a foot and a half
(with apologies to William Shatner and the Twilight Zone)

Presented by Eric Stromberg, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Tuesday, October 21, 2014, 3:30 – 5:00 PM, Los Alamos Research Park, 2nd Floor, Conference Room 203A

Abstract: Receptacles have changed, from simple devices that appliances plug in to, to having special purposes.  Codes that require these receptacles are constantly changing as well.

Biography: Eric got started in the electrical field as an apprentice electrician.  He worked his way up to being a journeyman in the Houston area.  He received his degree in Electrical Engineering and worked for a major chemical company, designing international projects.  He was on the electrical advisory board for the State of Texas and held an instructor certificate for electrical continuing education classes.  He is also a part of a video team that develops training courses for national distribution.

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