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Applications for 2012 IEEE Kingston Section Awards

Saturday, April 21st, 2012

The IEEE Kingston Section would like to invite you to apply for the following 2012 Section Awards.

1- IEEE Graduate Research Awards.
2- Outstanding Engineering Teaching Award.
3- Outstanding Volunteer Award.

Applications should be sent by email to ( no later than May 18th, 2012.

Details for application can be found here.

2012 Awards for Queen’s and RMC IEEE Student Project Competition

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

At the IEEE Banquet this year, the following students will be awarded for their respective papers.

The 2012 Queen’s IEEE Student Project Competition results are as follows:

1st Place
Title: “Computing Techniques for Understanding the Etiology of Artrial Fibrillation”
Students: Manoj Hemnani, Eric Moult, and Andrew Wald
Supervisor: Prof. Saeed Gazor

2nd Place
Title: “Controlling a Speech Synthesizer through Gesture Recognition”
Students: Bryan Draper, Rosalyn Gambhir, Hao Lun Lee, and Supria Ramesh
Supervisor: Prof. Mike Korenberg

3rd Place
Title: “A Configurable Marquee Display System”
Students: Jay Hua, Tian Lu, and Valerie Sugarman
Supervisor: Prof. Naraig Manjikian

The 2012 RMC IEEE Student Project Competition results are as follows:

1st Place
Title: “Quad-Rotor Autopilot”
Students: OCdt Campbell, NCdt Hamilton, and OCdt Iskandarani
Supervisor: Dr. Sidney Givigi

2nd Place
Title: “Riffex Guitar Effects Control”
Students: OCdt Belzile and NCdt Jessup
Supervisor: Dr. Germain Drolet

3rd Place
Title: “Controller Base First Person Combat Simulator”
Students: NCdt Anderson and NCdt Libonnco
Supervisor: Dr. Rachid Beguenane

Congratulations to all 2012 awardees and their supervisors!

The 1st-place winners compete on March 27th in Ottawa with the competition winners from RMC, U.of Ottawa, Carleton U. and Algonquin College IEEE.

2011 Awards for Queen’s IEEE Student Paper Competition

Saturday, July 16th, 2011


At the IEEE Banquet this year, the following students were awarded for their respective papers.

1st Place
Title: “Green Energy: 250 W Grid-Connected Micro-Inverter for PV Modules”
Students: Nabil Akel, Chris Fiorentino, and Matthew Mascioli
Supervisor: Prof. Praveen Jain

2nd Place
Title: “Foot Pressure Monitor for Speed Skaters”
Students: Matthew McKerroll, Andrew Yaworski, and Ben York
Supervisor: Prof. Evelyn Morin

3rd Place
Title: “3D Sheet”
Students: Paul Awade, Andrew Carter, and Brent Mucci
Supervisor: Prof. Keyvan Hashtrudi-Zaad

Congratulations to all 2011 awardees!

2011 Graduate Excellence Awards

Saturday, July 16th, 2011

IEEE Kingston is proud to announce the 2011 Winners of the Graduate Excellence Awards. Two awards are given annually: one for Master’s and one for Ph.D. research.

For the Master’s Research Excellence Award, this year’s winner is Mr. Andrew Liau for his work in “Coding using Rateless Codes”. Mr. Liau was supervised by Dr. Shahram Yousefi and Dr. Il-Min Kim at Queen’s University. The runner-up for the Master’s Research Excellence Award was Mr. Mohammed Peikari for his work in “Characterization of the Ultra-Sound Beam Profile”. He was supervised by Dr. Gabor Fichtinger at Queen’s Univeristy.

This year’s winner of the Ph.D. Research Excellence Award is Dr. MinChul Ju for his research in “Relay selection in two-hop wireless communications”. This work was supervised by Dr. Il-Min Kim. Dr. Ju has 13 journal papers and 5 patents from this work.
Two runners up were chosen for the Ph.D. Research Excellence Awards. One runner-up is Dr. Thomas Kuiran Chen for his work in “Intraoperative Ultra-Sound Calibration for Computer Aided Surgery” supervised by Dr. Purang Abolmaesumi at UBC. The other Ph.D. runner-up is Dr. Kai Hoffner for his work “Geometric Aspects of Interconnection and Damping Assignment – Passivity-based Control” supervised by Dr. Martin Guay

Congratulations to all awardees!