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Stored Energy and Current Optimization for Small Antennas

The IEEE Kingston Section is proud to present the following distinguished speaker seminar:


Stored Energy and Current Optimization for Small Antennas

Date:   May 30th, 2014.

Time:  11:00 AM

Location: Royal Military College of Canada, Currie Building, Currie Hall

Speaker:  Dr.Mats Gustafsson (IEEE AP-S Distinguished Lecturer )

Abstract:  Design of small antennas is challenging as the Q-factor, efficiency, and radiation resistance must be controlled simultaneously. In this presentation, current optimization is used to analyze small antennas. The stored energy is expressed in the current density in the antenna structure and the optimal current distribution is formulated as a convex optimization problem. The optimal currents provide insight for antenna design and present performance limits of antennas. We present several optimization formulations such as the maximal gain Q-factor quotient, minimal Q for superdirectivity, minimal Q for given far field, and efficiency. The effects of antennas embedded in structures such as mobile phones are also discussed. Results are shown for different antenna geometries and compared to state of the art designs showing that many antennas perform almost optimally.

Speaker Bio: Mats Gustafsson received the M.Sc. degree in Engineering Physics 1994, the Ph.D. degree in Electromagnetic Theory 2000, was appointed Docent 2005, and Professor of Electromagnetic Theory 2011, all from Lund University, Sweden. He co-founded the company Phase holographic imaging AB in 2004.  His research interests are in scattering and antenna theory and inverse scattering and imaging with applications in microwave tomography and digital holography. He has written over 70 peer reviewed journal papers and over 90 conference papers. Prof. Gustafsson received the Best Antenna Poster Prize at EuCAP 2007, the IEEE Schelkunoff Transactions Prize Paper Award 2010, and the Best Antenna Theory Paper Award at EuCAP 2013. He serves as an IEEE AP-S Distinguished Lecturer for 2013-15.

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