Section History

The IEEE Kharagpur Section is a section in India Council under Region 10 of the IEEE organization. It is a unique section in the whole IEEE as the section is rooted at the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur unlike other sections where activities usually spread over a number of association. The section office is located in the campus of Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur.

Initially it was emerged as a small chapter with only 60 members under IEEE Kolkata Section (formerly IEEE Calcutta Section) in 1983. In 13th May, 1985 it renunciated as the IEEE Kharagpur Section. Since it inception with a sustainable growth of its members and distinguished activities today IEEE Kharagpur Section is a blatant example of whole IEEE history.

Since its inception, the IEEE Kharagpur Section has helped its members advances their careers and the field of computing and the development of mankind. The IEEE Kharagpur Section organizes workshops, conferences, symposium, colloquium, lectures by renowned personalities frequently. It also has a Students Chapter to promote various academic activities related to student members. Apart from this IEEE organizes an industrial trip every year to enhance industry-academic relations. The IEEE Kharagpur Section is organized by an executive committee.

Raja Datta 2014
Prabodh Bajpai 2013
Manjunatha Mahadevappa 2012
Sudipta Mahapatra 2011
Chandan Chakraborty 2010
Debasis Samanta 2009
Prabir Kr. Biswas 2008
N. K. Kishore 2007
Samik Sural 2006
Somnath Sengupta 2005
Amit Patra 2004
Rajib Mall 2003
S. Kal 2002
Debaprasad Kastha 2001
S. Sanyal 1999-2000
Rajib Mall 1998
Jayanta Pal 1997
R. B. Mishra 1996
R. N. Mahapatra 1995
Srinivasu Maka 1993-1994
C. K. Maiti 1992
Ramesh Garg 1991
B. K. Mathur 1990
Ajit Pal 1989
S. K. Lahiri 1988
V. G. Rau 1987
S. C. De Sarkar 1986
T. S. Lamba 1985
S. Sinha 1984
S. L. Maskara 1983