Power & Energy and Dielectrics of Electrical Insulation Chapter

Chair: Dr Mohammed Hajahmed

Vice Chair: Dr. Sahban Alnasser

Secretary: Prof. Eyad Feilat

Current and Past Executive Committee Members

The IEEE Jordan Section-Joint PE/31/DEI32 Society Chapter was established in 2007. The Current and past ExCom  of the Chapter:

Ø      (2017- 2020)

Dr Mohammed Hajahmed (Chair)

Dr. Khaled Alawasa (Vice Chair)

Moe’en Azar (Secretary)

Ø      (2016- 2017)
o Dr Eyad A.Feilat (Chair)
o Dr. Khaled Alawasa (Vice chair)
o Moe’en Azar  (Secretary)

o Mohamed Haj-ahmad  (Treasurer)

Ø      (2009 –2015)
o Dr. NabeelTawalbeh (Chair)
o Dr. Ayman Faza (Vice chair)
o Dr. Jamal Rahhal (Secretary)

Ø      (2007- 2009)
o Dr Yaser Anagreh (Chair)
o Dr. Fathi Amoura (Vice chair)
o Eyad A.Feilat (Secretary)


The major activities of this Chapter over the years are in organizing several Seminars on recent and future trend in the area of Power & Energy. Professional and Expert engineers from Transmission and Distribution utilities as well as Power Generation Companies are usually invited to deliver these seminars. Moreover, well known Professors from Academia are also invited to deliver lectures in this area.


The following are list of seminars which were conducted in the fiscal Year 2016:


Seminar Title Speaker Affiliation Venue Date
Role of SAMRA Power Plant in Jordanian Power System


Eng. Amjad Rawashdeh SAMRA Electricity Generation Company (SEGCo) University of Jordan 26-04-2016
The Transmission Grid of Jordan – Planning & Operation


Eng. Salam Azzam National Electricity Power Company (NEPCo) University of Jordan 06-10-2016
State-of-the-Art Technology Trends in Distribution System Applications Eng. Ali H. Thnebat Electricity Distribution Company (EDCo) ETC-Jordan Engineers Association 26-11-2016


Count of active IEEE members of PE31/DEI32 Chapter by grade is classified as follows:


IEEE Current Grade Description Count of Members
Life Fellow 1
Life Senior 1
Member 23
Senior Member 4
Student Member 123