Communications Chapter

Chair: Dr. Sami Aldalahmeh

Vice Chair:  Feras Diab

Treasure: Rana Ramadan

Secretary: Dema Zaidan

The IEEE Jordan Section-Communications Society Chapter, This chapter was established in 2009 and the different chairs for this Chapter are:

• (2014 –2020)

o  Ala Khalifeh (Chair)

o  Khalid Darabkh (Vice Chair)

o  Jamal Rahhal (Secretary)

• (January 1, 2012 – March 2014)
o Dr. Ghazi Alsukkar (Chair):
o Dr. Dia Abu-Al-Nadi (Vice chair):
o Dr. Jamal Rahhal (Secretary):

• (2009- December 31, 2011)
o Dr Jamal Rahhal (Chair):
o Dr. Dia Abu-Al-Nadi (Vice chair):
o Eng. Rana Ramadan (Secretary):

The major activities of this Chapter over the years are in holding more than 5 lectures every year presented by well known figures from local, regional and international universities or/and companies.