Young Professionals

IEEE Jordan YP Committee:

Chair Haya Yousif
Vice Chair Bara’ Al-Osaili
Secretary Omaima Ardah

Jordan IEEE Young Professionals created for Members, volunteers and followers where the Jordanian technology professionals can network, collaborate, and create – all in one central hub, we are one of 152 affinity groups in the world as a global community of more than 120,153 enthusiastic, dynamic, and innovative members and volunteers from all around the world, who are passionate about the development and advancement of new technologies.

Our products, services, programs, and initiatives aim to address the needs of early-career professionals pursuing technology-related careers or ventures in engineering, business, management, marketing, and law. IEEE is committed to helping young professionals evaluate their career and entrepreneurial goals, polish their professional

image, and create the building blocks of a lifelong and diverse professional network.

Projects and Programs:

1- Jordan’s Engineering Day (JED)

JED is a two days event aims to serve the economic development by helping reach the high quality graduates, and improve the quality of human life by advancing engineering solutions.

We are on a mission to reduce the gap between academia and the industry by provide students with a sound experience of presenting their graduation project to it, pitch their ideas to start their own careers, and to provide a proper environment for the attendees to think and create new solutions for engineering


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2- Jordan Innovation MeetUP

Jordan Innovation MeetUP is our monthly casual meet-up with our members, volunteers and followers from all around Jordan during this day we bring together entrepreneurs, students, young professionals, financiers, and academics to explore how young professionals are using marketplace models to disrupt industries and create change.

Each MeetUP features expert guest speakers, lively discussion among inventors and time for networking!

3- Internships Program

Through our partnerships with the industry, we offer diversified internship opportunities for all levels, junior and senior students as well as fresh graduates.

We launched our internships program because we believe that applying the engineering principles plays a vital role in helping the engineering students to build a successful career path.

Together with all the mentioned programs, we are developing solid partnerships and collaborations with Investment Companies in Jordan, where our members can get benefited from this partnership and turn their ideas into business and products.

When it comes to the global goals, we have an international Partner – Restless Development Organization to apply our social responsibility as a young professionals group dedicated to developing technological opportunities for youth participation and community engagement, we are more concerned about the below listed global goals that intersect with our social responsibility, mission, and vision.

1- Innovation and Infrastructure

2- Good Jobs and Economic Growth

3- Modern Energy

4- Sustainable cities and Communities

5- Climate Action

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