01 Feb


Dear Colleague:

We are writing to ask your help in identifying potential recipients of threeawards that are offered annually by the IEEE UFFC designed to recognize very significant contributions in the field of ultrasonics.  The 3 Awards are:

  1. IEEE Ultrasonics Early Career Investigator Award
  2. IEEE Carl Hellmuth Hertz Ultrasonics Award (aimed at mid career members)
  3. Rayleigh Award

Descriptions of the awards and criteria for eligibility are available on the IEEEUFFC Awards website.

Nominations for the Early Career Investigator and Carl Hellmuth HertzAwards are aimed at individuals in small and large companies, government laboratories, and academic institutions. In recognition of the wide differences in the kinds of contributions that are central to the goals of each of these divergent components of our Ultrasonics community, a flexible two-page nomination format will be employed.  The submission should begin with the name and contact information (email and telephone) of the nominator followed by that information for the nominee. The next entry should be a brief (one sentence or less) proposed citation that will accompany the announcement of the award if the candidate is selected. The remainder of the two-page submission may be used as the nominator chooses to highlight reasons that the selection committee should consider in evaluating the candidate. Suggested entries are 1) educational history, 2) professional history, 3) engineering, scientific, and technological contributions, 4) previous awards or other professional recognitions, and 5) A synopsis of the contributions that motivate the nominator to promote the candidate. Please identify which of the five groups of theUltrasonics Symposium’s Technical Program Committee (Group 1: Medical Ultrasonics; Group 2: Sensors, NDE, and Industrial Applications; Group 3: Physical Acoustics; Group 4: MicroAcoustics – SAW, FBAR, MEMS; andGroup 5: Transducers and Transducer Materials) reflects most closely the contributions of the candidate.

The Rayleigh Award represents the highest honor for achievement within theUFFC Society in the field of Ultrasonics. The achievement may be in technical innovations, research, education, publications and related professional endeavors. Typically, the recipient will have demonstrated these accomplishments over a sustained period of time.  Nominators are encouraged to focus the 2 page submission on how the nominee has changed the field of ultrasonics and created new opportunities for academic inquiry and or commercial success.

The format for the submission is at the discretion of the nominator. Tables, bulleted lists, and the judicious use of white space are often more effective in communicating than densely packed text. Highlighting a specific patent or the nominee’s contributions to a successful device or product illustrated with a photo might be appropriate for some candidates, whereas highlighting a published paper or a particularly impactful presentation the IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium might be appropriate for others. Active collaboration between the nominator and the nominee in the preparation of the submission is encouraged.  Self nomination is also permitted.  A selection committee drawn from a very wide range of interests, backgrounds, and affiliations will evaluate and rank the submissions.

Submissions are due no later than March 1, 2015 and are required to be in pdf format and of two pages in length. No supplemental material will be considered.

For the Early Career and Hertz awards, please send this material as an email attachment to Yook-Kong Yong at the email address below. Please use the Subject line “IEEE Ultrasonics Awards” and please title the attached pdf file with the nominee’s name in the form “Joseph_Jones.pdf”.  Yong will acknowledge each submission by email. If you do not receive an acknowledgement within one week, please contact him.

To nominate candidates for the Early Career Investigator and Carl Hellmuth Hertz Awards please contact:

Dr. Yook-Kong Yong
Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
School of Engineering
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Piscataway, NJ 08854
Phone:1 848-445-3219

To nominate candidates for the Rayleigh Award please contact:

Dr. Pierre Khuri-Yakub
E. L. Ginzton Laboratory
348 Via Pueblo Mall
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305-4088
Phone: 1 (650) 723-0718

Thanks for your help in identifying outstanding candidates for these prestigiousawards.

Yook-Kong Yong and Pierre Khuri-Yakub on behalf of the IEEE UFFCUltrasonics Committee.