IEEE ITS Outstanding Research Award

2016    Matthew Barth
            University of California, Riverside,
            Contributions to Environmentally-Focused Intelligent Transportation Systems
2015    Ümit Özgüner
            The Ohio State University
2014    Nathan Gartner
            University of Massachusetts Lowell
2013    Mohan Trivedi
            University of California at San Diego, USA
2012    Petros Ioannou
            University of Southern California
            Citation: For Research Contributions in Advanced Vehicle Control Systems and Integration with traffic.
2011    Fei-Yue Wang
            CAST (Complex Adaptive Systems for Transportation)Lab, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China
2010    Sesbastian Thrun (Computer Science Department,Stanford University)
2009    Pravin Varaiya
2008    Chelsea (Chip) C. WhiteIII
2007    Markos Papageorgiou
2006    Robert Fenton