IEEE ITS Outstanding Application Award

2016    KITTI Benchmark and Bertha Autonomous Vehicle
            Christoph Stiller, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
2015    ACP-based Qingdao Parallel Urban Traffic Management and Control System
            Team Leader: Fei-Yue Wang, The State Key Lab of Management and Control for Complex Systems at CASIA
            Consortium: QAII, Qingdao Public Safety Bureau, CASIA, HiSense, NUDT, and Tsinghua University
2014    Uwe Franke & his team
            (Markus Enzweiler, Dariu Gavrila, Stefan Gehrig, Tilo Schwarz, and Fridtjof Stein)
            Daimler AG, Daimler Image Understanding Group
2013    Miguel Ángel Sotelo
            VISUALISE, University of Alcalá, SPAIN
2012    Wei-Bin Zhang
            California PATH Program
            Institute of Transportation Studies
            University of California at Berkeley
            Citation: For Contributions in Applications of Advanced Vehicle Control and Safety Systems and Technologies.
2011    DynaMIT (
            Intelligent Transportation Systems Program Massachusetts Institute or Technology, USA
2010    Hani Mahmassani (William A. Patterson Distinguished Chair in Transportation, Northwestern University)
2009    Fei-Yue Wang
2008    Petros A. Ioannou
2007    Panos Michalopoulos