IEEE ITS Institutional Lead Award

2016    Petros Ioannou
            Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) systems
2015    LISA: Laboratory for Intelligent and Safe Automobiles
            Director: Professor Mohan M. Trivedi
2014    Institute of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
            Xi’an Jiaotong University
2013    Chris Urmson
            Google Self-Driving Car Team, Google, USA
2012    Institute of Automotive Engineering
            TU Darmstadt
            Citation: For Institutional Leadership in Research and System Engineering for Advanced Driver Assistance and                           Safety.
2011    Dynamic Systems and Simulation Laboratory (DSSL) (
            The Technical University of Crete (TUC), Greece
2010    CAST(Complex Adaptive Systems for Transportation )Lab, Chinese Academy of Sciences
2009    NavLab, Carnegie Mellon University
2008    VisLab, Parma University, Italy
2007    PATH, University of California, Berkeley