WIE AG Italy Section @ DRCN v-conference

On the 22nd April,  in the frame of the DRCN (Design of Reliable Communications Networks) virtual conference  19-21 2021, an annual event set up to provide a forum of presentations and discussions of recent developments and future trends in communication networks and network subsystems, focusing on all aspects of network reliability, Dajana Cassioli, chair of  the IEEE WIE Affinity Group Italy Section, participated in the  workshop “ The road towards a more diverse post-covid era: challenges and opportunities” .( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66116BKBs7I)

Organized as a special workshop in DRCN, the event had the main objective  to discuss and promote diversity and inclusion in the research community in the post-covid era.  Dajana opened this special workshop co-sponserd bt the WIE, providing an overview of the IEEE WIE in general and of the Italian Group main activities . In particular she introduced  the “commitment chart” , “Steering girls to STEM” is an OPEN DOCUMENT, annually updated, which describes the shared objectives and the targeted actions that be carried out  in order to make STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).careers more attractive for young women