Technical information for presenters

The following will be supplied for all Presenters:

  • Podium with microphone
  • Optional lapel microphone (Bahen Centre only)
  • Two audience mics for Q&A
  • A/V assistants available


  • Session chair will indicate time available. Please adhere strictly to the allotted time, minus 5 minutes for Q&A.
  • All attendees will be provided with WiFi access


For those who bring your own laptops to present, the following will be at the podium

  •  VGA cable
  • Audio, 3.5mm stereo plug
  • Power outlet (North American 120V 60Hz)
  • For those who bring a presentation on a USB key
  • Laptops will be provided at each podium: HP 6710b laptop.
  • Windows 7 Professional
  •  Internet access
  • CD/DVD drive
  • External USB optical mouse
  • USB ports
  • Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010
  • LibreOffice open source platform (please request through website contact)