Innovative Smart Grid Technologies

Poster Session

The ISGT2014 Poster Session will be held on Wednesday, February 19, 2014 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm.  Participants are kindly requested to review the General Guidelines for the Poster Session and to use the templates listed below.

ISGT2014 Poster Templates:


List of Poster Presentations at ISGT2014

2014ISGT0007Closing the Loop Between Short-term Operational Volatilities and longterm Investment Risks in Microgrid
2014ISGT0020Benchmarking a Car-Originated-Signal Approach for Real-Time Electric Vehicle Charging Control
2014ISGT0030DESA: A Decentralized, Efficient and Selective Aggregation Scheme in AMI
2014ISGT0050RAMP: Impact of Rule Based Aggregator Business Model for Residential Microgrid of Prosumers Including Distributed Energy Resources
2014ISGT0053Comprehensive Real-Time Microgrid Power Management and Control with Distributed Agents
2014ISGT0054The Design and Implementation of Smart Grid High Volume Data Management Platform Architecture
2014ISGT0060Towards a generic approach to manage smart grids like any other power plant
2014ISGT0070Comparative Life Cycle Cost Analysis of Hardening Options for Critical Loads
2014ISGT0074Control Design for VSC-HVDC Connected Isolated Wind Farm
2014ISGT0077Fair Sharing of RES among Multiple Users
2014ISGT0109Method for Determining Line Drop Compensator Parameters of Low Voltage Regulator using Support Vector Machine
2014ISGT0127Time-of-Use Tariff Design Under Uncertainty in Price-Elasticities of Electricity Demand: A Stochastic Optimization Approach
2014ISGT0139A Hybrid Approach to Very Small Scale Electrical Demand Forecasting
2014ISGT0141Estimating the Wake Losses in Large Wind Farms: A machine learning approach
2014ISGT0148A Stochastic Framework for Power System Operation with wind Generation and Energy Storage Integration
2014ISGT0190Real-Time Electricity Pricing for Demand Response Using Online Convex Optimization
2014ISGT0201A Critical Lines Identification Algorithm of Complex Power System
2014ISGT0212Current Control for the Grid-Connected Single-Phase Photovoltaic Inverter in Microgrid Based on an Equivalent-Input-Disturbance Approach
2014ISGT0220Novel Demand Response Scheme For Frequency Regulation Using Consumers' Distributed Energy Storages
2014ISGT0223Optimal Energy Trading for Building Microgrid with Electric Vehicles and Renewable Energy Resources
2014ISGT0224Critical Needs for Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Teaching Electric Energy Systems
2014ISGT0258Grid services with PV-converters in distribution grids
2014ISGT0261Combined Topological Indices for Distributed Generation Planning
2014ISGT0283A New Control Scheme in a Multi-Battery Management System for Expanding Microgrids
2014ISGT0287Day Ahead Hourly Load Forecast of PJM Electricity Market and ISO New England Market by Using Artificial Neural Network
2014ISGT0294Understanding Maximum Storage Requirements
2014ISGT0306Grid Fault Recovery and Resilience: Applying Structured Energy and Microgrids
2014ISGT0311An Electricity Trade Model for Microgrid Communities in Smart Grid
2014ISGT0322Reliability Assessment of Power Distribution Systems using Tripping Rate of Protective Devices
2014ISGT0330Intelligent Multi-Objective Control for Improved Integration of Microgrids to Power Systems Involving Highly Nonlinear Local Loads
2014ISGT0341Online Oscillation Monitoring of Synchronous Generators Using Parallel-Prony Analysis
2014ISGT0348Synchronous Phasor-like Measurements