Silver Support


Silver Supporters
(Multiple Supporters Welcome)

In addition to the details listed below, all contributors will be included by company name in the attendee conference bag and on conference signage in the registration area.

Dinner Support: Includes signage throughout the ballroom, recognition from the podium, your company’s literature displayed on all attendee tables at the gala dinner, hyperlink on conference website for 3 months. $7500–three available.

Reception Support:Includes signage throughout the ballroom, recognition from the podium, your company’s literature displayed on all attendee tables, hyperlink on conference website for 2 months. $4000 for eachdaily reception. Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.Five available each day.

Breakfast Support: $1500 each–Choose one or more of the following: Attendees Breakfast on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Signs at the entrance to the breakfast rooms on the day of your event acknowledge your company’s support.Unlimited

Conference Bags: Corporate logo and/or name on bag. Distributed to all. Registered attendees of the technical program. Deadline for submitting your logo January 10, 2013. (One opportunity at $7500 or 3 opportunities at $2500 each.)

Badge Lanyards: $2000 plus 1000 lanyards. Includes your company name or logo on lanyard. Distributed to all attendees. Supporter may supply printed lanyards or Supporter can collaborate with conference management on lanyard selection and printing, with the Supporter bearing the production and shipping costs.(One opportunity)

Hotel Room Keycard: $2000-Your logo custom printed on each attendee room key card. Keycard printing and production charges to be billed to supporter.(One opportunity)

Reusable Water Bottles: $3000-Reusable bottle in each attendee and companion bag. Includes your company name and logo printed on the bottle sleeve. (One opportunity – includes bottle.)

Conference Note Pads: $3000-Your logo and message (7 word limit) printed on 1000 custom note pads. (Does not include cost of notepad.)

Welcome Kit Giveaways: $750 plus 1000 giveaways. Logo and/or name on pens, pads gadgets, post-its, stress-balls, desk ornaments, etc. One included in every delegate bag, Deadline to receive your giveaway is January 11, 2013.(Multiple opportunities.)

Online Advertising: Companies interested in online advertising can participate with their logo and hotlink on the ISGT web site. Logos are available in 3 month increments beginning in October 1, 2012 through June 30 2013.

  • Three months: $2100
  • Six months: $4200
  • Nine months: $6300

Wireless Hot Spot at the Hotel
A wireless hot spot will be established in the Registration area. Attendees will be able to connect to the internet using their laptop computers. Attendees will be able to check their email during the conference. Attendees will see your logo immediately on their computer screen. Your company logo will be hot linked to your web site. Your company will benefit with increased online traffic to your company’s web site.

  • Support of hot spot for 1 day is $1500
  • Support of hot spot for 2 days is $2500
  • Support of hot spot for 3 days is $3500.

Hospitality Suites
Opportunities for Hospitality Suites are available at the Conference Hotel. Hours of operation must not conflict with main conference activities. Please register your intentions to host a Hospitality Suite with conference management. (No registration fee required), and then work directly with the Hotel to make your specific suite arrangements.

  • For a $750 fee, the Conference can include your Hospitality Suite notice in the conference bag handed out to all registrants (up to 4 x 6 inch – 1000 copies required).
  • Printing and production of hospitality cards can be handled by conference management. Printing and production charges will be invoiced separately.


For more information, please contact
Barry LeCerf, Bullseye International Group Inc.,
Tel: 913 663 1112
12635 Juniper Circle, Leawood, KS. 66209