Poster Session


Poster Session will be held on Monday, Feb. 25, 2013  6:00pm-8:00pm in Exhibit Hall A 
Session Chair:  Manisa Pipattanasomporn, Virginia Tech 

To Poster Session Presenters:

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No. Title
460 Self-Tuning Fuzzy PI-Type Voltage and Frequency Controller in a Hybrid AC/DC Microgrid
470 Using Smart Meters to Build Feeder Section Load Profiles to Evaluate Distributed Energy Resource Connections
 54 A Passivity Control Strategy for VSC-HVDC Connected Large Scale Wind Power
243 An Implementation of Synthetic Generation of Wind Data Series
90 A New Under-Frequency Load Shedding Scheme for Islanded Distribution Network
280 Impacts of Information and Communication Failures on Optimal Power System Operation

Optimal Operation of Distribution Grids: A System of Systems Framework


Verification of Loss Reduction Effect on Loss Minimum Configuration of Distribution System by Zero-Suppressed Binary Decision Diagram


Study of the Techniques and development strategy for a Concentrated Type Distribution Automation


Load Modeling and Voltage Optimization Using Smart Meter Infrastructure

399 A Metamodeling Approach to Unifying IEC 61850 and IEC 61970
95 Technology Readiness and the Smart Grid
350 The Digital Revolution in Measurements
74 Permanent Data Loss in Highly Available Substation Automation Systems
313 Web Based Online Real-time Outage Cost Assessment Information System of Electrical Power System
154 Distributed Algorithm for SDP State Estimation
185 Toward a reliable secure and fault tolerant smart grid state estimation in the cloud
162 Real-Time Thevenin Impedance Computation
356 Autonomous State Estimation Based Diagnostic System in Smart Grid
529 A Sequential Game Perspective and Optimization of the Smart Grid with Distributed Data Centers
149 Activity Based Energy Demand Modeling for Residential Buildings
488 Incorporating Dynamic Building Load Model into Interconnected Power Systems
423 Economic Demand Dispatch of Controllable Building Electrical Loads Incorporating Delayed Response Times
144 A Fuzzy TOPSIS Approach for Home Energy Management in Smart Grid with Considering Householders’ Preferences
43 New Approaches for Smart Device Integration and Maintenance of Power System Models Utilizing a Unified Data Schema  
147 A Standard-Compliant ICT-Architecture for Semantic Data Service Integration in Smart Grids
400 Identification scheme and name service in the Internet of Energy  
506 Maturity Model for Advancing Smart Grid Interoperability  
607 Optimal Configuration of Hybrid Solar-Wind Distributed Generation Capacity in a Grid-Connected Microgrid
609 The research about PV/wind hybrid energy considering grid security constraints