Technical Visit

As part of the closing event, on Saturday, September 23, 2017, two technical visits have been organized to learn about the latest technological developments in the Ecuadorian electricity sector regarding the implementation of smart grid technology in the generation, transmission and distribution stages. In this sense, the two options for attendees to choose are described as follows:

1) Generation:

Visit to Hydroelectric Power Plant Coca Codo Sinclair, located at the entry to the Ecuadorian Amazon Region. This power plant is the most important generation source in Ecuador with an installed capacity of 1500 MW. In addition, this visit option is an opportunity to appreciate part of the exotic nature of the Ecuadorian Amazon Region. This activity has an investment cost of USD 40.00 per participant.

2) Transmission and Distribution:

Visit to the National Control Center of Generation and Transmission (Independent System Operator – CENACE) and to the National Control Center of Distribution. In this regard, it should be mentioned that in the last four years Ecuador has implemented state-of-the-art technology for the intelligent monitoring and control of both transmission and distribution systems, such as: an Wide Area Monitoring System (WAMS), a Special Protection Scheme for ensuring the system integrity (SPS), and a whole set of sophisticated hardware and software that makes up an Integrated Distribution Management System (SIGDE), which will be noticed during the visit. This activity has an investment cost of USD 30.00 per participant.

Note: due to logistical reasons, the technical visits have a limited number of available participants, so you need to confirm your interest to attend the visits to