Question: Where is it possible to post the Abstract of the paper for ISGT 2017?

Answer: ISGT 2017 will have only the deadline for uploading the full paper. See the initial page for details of dates and deadlines.

Question: Is using the template mandatory for the paper or may I use the template of my laboratory ?

Answer: Use of the template for the paper preparation is mandatory.

Question: Is there a page limit for the paper submission ?

Answer: Yes, papers should be maximum 6 pages long.

Question: What is the correct paper size for the paper submission?

Answer: The correct paper size for the paper submission is A4. US Letter is not allowed.

Question: What is the difference between the Full Paper and the Final Manuscript Submission?


  • The full paper (prepared according to the provided template) has to be submitted through the submission system before the deadline, and will be sent to the Reviewers;
  • The Final Manuscript (for the accepted papers) is the accepted version of the Full paper, whose PDF file has to be created from IEEEXpress and uploaded before the corresponding deadline.

Question: What is the difference between the SCIENTIFIC and the INDUSTRY tracks?


  • Papers submitted to the  SCIENTIFIC TRACK will be reviewed as scientific papers.  All accepted papers that are presented at the Conference will be submitted to IEEE Xplore.
  • Papers submitted to the INDUSTRY TRACK will not be reviewed as scientific papers. The papers will be subject to technical review. The accepted papers will be included in the conference proceedings but will not be submitted to IEEE Xplore.

Question: There are problems in seeing the CAPTCHA when submitting a manuscript.

Answer: There are two possibilities you can try to solve this problem:

  • try using a different web browser;
  • if you are connecting to the website from China: to see the CAPTCHA, you need the access to Google, which is prohibited with a Chinese ID.
    One of the solution is using a software called xx Net.

Question: I had problems in submitting the PDF file on 28 February 2017 .

Answer: For Authors who uploaded their files on 28 February 2017 between 12:40 US ET (17:40 UTC) and 17:00 US ET (22:00 UTC): OpenConf has communicated that possible upload problems coud have occurred in that period. The Authors are invited to re-upload their paper. Thank you.

Question: Should I pay a separate fee for tutorials and workshops?

Answer: Tutorials and workshops of the first day are free for all the participants registered for the full conference.

Question: How can I obtain an invitation letter to be used for getting the VISA?

Answer: IEEE has a strict policy which no longer permits us to provide letters of invitation to attendees, regardless of your role in the Conference. We can provide letters of confirmation only. To obtain your letter of confirmation, complete your online registration with payment. Then, send a message of request to by indicating your name, affiliation, address, registration order number, paper number and title (if author). General attendees and Companions should indicate their status.

Question: What is the deadline for sending the PowerPoint files of the presentation?

Answer: The PowerPoint file is not requested by 24 July 2017. The presenting author will be able to bring it at the Conference. You will receive soon indications for the slide preparation.