Call For Papers

Important Dates
Paper submission: Now closed
Paper decisions: 8 Aug 2016
Final submission: 5 Sep 2016
12 Sep 2016
Registration: Now open
Early-bird closes: 12 Sep 2016
Tutorials: 28 Nov 2016
Conference: 29 Nov -
1 Dec 2016


The conference organizing committee invites contributions in all areas related to smart grid technologies, including (but not limited to) the following:

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

  • The role of ICT in future operation of smart grids
  • Advanced metering, data acquisition and monitoring
  • Sensor networks and their challenges
  • Information and communication protocols and standards
  • Large scale data analytics

Integration of Renewables

  • Grid integration of distributed energy resources
  • Grid integration of energy storage systems and their control
  • Forecasting, both of generation and demand
  • Frequency and voltage stability
  • Impact of renewables on energy markets and prices, both wholesale and retail

Grid operation

  • Fault Diagnostics in components and systems
  • Grid modelling, analysis and simulation including real-time and co-simulation
  • Islanded systems, microgrids and safe disconnection
  • Wide area power systems stability and reliability
  • Asset condition monitoring and management
  • Active distribution network operation and management

Emerging Technologies

  • Distributed solar photovoltaic generation and energy storage
  • Impacts and control of plug-in electric vehicles
  • Opportunities, integration, and control of DC Networks
  • Smart cities solutions, smart buildings, and home automation
  • Next generation inverters

End Users

  • Regulatory aspects, electricity market mechanics, designs and business models
  • Demand response and management
  • Customer aspects, user behaviour and flexible demand
  • Control strategies and architectures for aggregation and smart services
  • Cyber-security and risk assessment