Industry Leaders Shaping the Power Grid of the Future

Ron Melton By Ebrahim Vaahedi, Associate Vice President, Smart Grid Development, Open Access Technology International

This year at ISGT 2019, each day of the conference starts with a Plenary session on a conference theme where distinguished experts address the conference attendees with their insight on the subtleties of the subject areas shaping the future of the power grid. Below is the list of the plenary session organized for the three days of the conference.

Day 1, February 18, 2019: Past and Future Trends in Smart Grid

Chaired by Julio Romero Agüero, Vice President, Strategy and Business Innovation, Quanta Technology

  • Rick Riley (Sr. VP Distribution Operations, Entergy)
  • Joe Woomer (VP Grid and Technical Solutions, Dominion Energy)
  • Miguel Ortega (VP Technical Services, Pepco Holdings Inc.)

Day 2, February 19, 2019: Technology Solutions for Evolving Energy Industry

Chaired by Ebrahim Vaahedi, Associate Vice President, Open Access Technology International

Day 3, February 20, 2019: Market and Policy Considerations in Facilitating Innovation and Enabling a Flexible and Resilient Grid

Chaired by Charles Hanley, Sr. Manager, Grid Modernization and Resilient Infrastructures, Sandia National Laboratories

These plenary sessions provide excellent opportunities for the conference participants to get a picture of the where the energy industry is moving to as well as the challenges and opportunities it faces. You can find more information here.