Paper Session Program

System Planning with High DER Penetration I - Monday, April 24, 2017 10:30AM-12:00PM
Session Chair: Farrokh Rahimi, OATI
2017ISGT0106Evaluating PEV's Impact on Long-Term Cost of Grid AssetsDaijiafan Mao (Main Author), Danielle Meyer, Jiankang Wang (Co-Author)
2017ISGT0132Increasing the Hosting Capacity for Renewable Energy in Distribution NetworksLeonardo H. Macedo (Main Author), Miguel A. Ortega-Vazquez (Co-Author), John F. Franco, Ruben Romero, Marcos J. Rider
2017ISGT0207Impact of Load and Renewable Energy Uncertainties on Single and Multiple Energy Storage Systems SizingIMANE BIYYA (Main Author), Ghassane Aniba, Mohamad Maaroufi (Co-Author)
2017ISGT0223Renewables Firming Using Grid Scale Battery Storage in a Real-Time Pricing MarketCharles Quann (Main Author), Thomas Bradley (Co-Author)
T&D Interface Issues and Solutions I - Monday, April 24, 2017 10:30AM-12:00PM
Session Chair: Ron Melton, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
2017ISGT0053Energy Performance Comparison of Two Different Hot Rock Cavern Based Energy Storage SystemsAhmad Arabkoohsar (Main Author), Gorm Bruun Andresen (Co-Author)
2017ISGT0103Effects of Communication Latency and Availability on Synthetic InertiaRicky Concepcion (Main Author), Felipe Wilches-Bernal, Raymond Byrne (Co-Author)
2017ISGT0136Random Forest Ensemble of Support Vector Regression Models for Solar Power ForecastingMohamed Abuella (Main Author), Badrul Chowdhury (Co-Author)
2017ISGT0231Three-Phase AC Optimal Power Flow Based Distribution Locational Marginal PriceRui Yang (Main Author), Yingchen Zhang (Co-Author)
Microgrids and Grid Edge Enabling Technologies I - Monday, April 24, 2017 1:00PM-2:30PM
Session Chair: Ebrahim Vaheedi, OATI
2017ISGT0040Optimal Design of Campus Microgrid with Demand Response Dispatch AlgorithmMunir Aminu Husein (Main Author), Jun-Woo Kim, Il-Yop Chung (Co-Author)
2017ISGT0151Optimal Energy Scheduling of a Stand-alone Multi-Sourced Microgrid Considering Environmental AspectsHadis Moradi (Main Author), Dolores De Groff (Co-Author), Amir Abtahi
2017ISGT0171Development of a Microgrid Control System for a Solar-Plus-Battery Microgrid to Support a Critical FacilityJing Wang (Main Author), Bouna Cisse (Co-Author)
2017ISGT0201Designing Proper Control Set-point Signal for PQ Inverters of Isolated MicrogridsFarideh Doost Mohammadi (Main Author), Hessam Keshtkar Vanashi (Co-Author), Ali Feliachi
2017ISGT0243A Simulation Testbed for Cascade AnalysisSaqib Hasan (Main Author), Ajay Chhokra, Rishabh Jain, Abhishek Dubey, Nagabhushan Mahadevan, Gabor Karsai, Srdjan Lukic (Co-Author)
Advances in Management of Grid Dynamics I - Monday, April 24, 2017 1:00PM-2:30PM
Session Chair: Mohammad Rizwan, Virginia Tech, Advanced Research Institute
2017ISGT0051PMU-based Online Change-Point Detection of Imbalance in Three-Phase Power SystemsTirza Routtenberg (Main Author), Yao Xie (Co-Author)
2017ISGT0067Local Detection of PMU Measurement Errors Using Dynamic State EstimatorsAli Abur (Co-Author), Alireza Rouhani (Main Author)
2017ISGT0226Optimal PMU Placement to Achieve Complete Observability of Idaho Power Co. SystemOrlando Ciniglio (Main Author), Milorad Papic, Michael Vaiman, Marianna Vaiman
2017ISGT0229Challenges and Trade-offs of a Cloud Hosted Phasor Measurement Unit-based Linear State EstimatorVINAYA CHAKATI (Main Author), Madhurima Pore, Anamitra Pal, Ayan Banerjee, Sandeep K.S.Gupta (Co-Author)
2017ISGT0263Data-Driven Analysis of Capacitor Bank Operation at a Distribution Feeder Using Micro-PMU DataAlireza Shahsavari (Main Author), Mohammad Farajollahi, Emma Stewart, Alexandra Meier, lilliana Alvarez, Ed Cortez (Co-Author), Hamed Mohsenian Rad
Advances in Management of Grid Dynamics II - Monday, April 24, 2017 3:00PM-5:00PM
Session Chair: Jay Giri, Alstom Grid
2017ISGT0074Analytical Derivation of Controller Parameters for Series Connected LCC Multiterminal HVDC Systems through the use of a Decoupling FilterStefan Hammer (Main Author), Christoph Hahn (Co-Author), Matthias Luther
2017ISGT0162A Comparative Study on SVC and STATOCM in Dynamic Voltage Stability Improvement of a System with Different Load CharacteristicsBaheej Alghamdi (Main Author), Tuan Le (Co-Author), Mohamed Alamri
2017ISGT0183Improved Synthetic Power Grid Modeling with Correlated Bus Type AssignmentsSeyyed Hamid Elyas (Main Author), Zhifang Wang (Co-Author)
2017ISGT0200Control of an SSSC for Oscillation Damping of Power Systems with Wind Turbine GeneratorsRoy McCann (Main Author), Muthanna Alsarray
2017ISGT0258Selective Scheduling: Controlling Non Preemptive Devices in Smart Grid EnvironmentNilotpal Chakraborty (Main Author), Ezhil Kalaimannan (Co-Author)
System Operation with High DER Penetration I - Monday, April 24, 2017 3:00PM-5:00PM
Session Chair: Ron Wasley, ESTA
2017ISGT0181Basic Study on Application of Real-time Satellite-observed Solar Radiation Data for Centralized Voltage Control in Distribution Networks with PVsShunsuke Kawano (Main Author), Kohei Murakami, Shinya Yoshizawa, Yasuhiro Hayashi (Co-Author)
2017ISGT0134Implementing VVO with DER PenetrationWayne Hartmann (Main Author)
2017ISGT0143Application of Autonomous Smart Inverter Volt-VAR Function for Voltage Reduction Energy Savings and Power Quality in Electric Distribution SystemsFei Ding (Main Author), Andu Nguyen, Sarah Walinga, Adarsh Nagarajan, Murali Baggu, Sudipta Chakraborty, Michael McCarty, Frances Bell (Co-Author)
2017ISGT0166Voltage-VAR Optimization (VVO) in IDMS: future trends, challenges & opportunitiesVarvara Alimisis (Main Author), Luis Miguel Costa, Philippe Tordjman (Co-Author)
2017ISGT0152Network-Cognizant Design of Decentralized Volt/VAR ControllersKyri Baker (Main Author), Andrey Bernstein, Changhong Zhao, Emiliano Dall'Anese (Co-Author)
2017ISGT0250Short-Term State Forecasting-Based Optimal Voltage Regulation in Distribution Systems
Rui Yang (Main Author), Huaiguang Jiang, Yingchen Zhang (Co-Author)
Stakeholder Opportunities and Risks I - Tuesday, April 25, 2017 10:30AM-12:00PM
Session Chair: Joe Paladino, Department of Energy
2017ISGT0064Social Virtual Energy Network: Exploring Innovative Business Models of Prosumer Aggregation with Virtual Power PlantsMartin Wainstein (Main Author), Roger Dargaville (Co-Author), Adam Bumpus
2017ISGT0121Optimal Battery Charging in Smart Grids with Price ForecastsSven van der Kooij (Main Author), Pia Kempker, Hans van den Berg, Sandjai Bhulai
2017ISGT0128A Data-driven Approach for Quantifying Energy Savings in a Smart BuildingRajendra Adhikari (Main Author), Xiangyu Zhang (Co-Author), Manisa Pipattanasomporn, Murat Kuzlu, Saifur Rahman
2017ISGT0175Research on Risk and Utilization Rate of Power Equipment Based on Data Envelopment AnalysisYuan Zeng (Main Author), Waiying Guo (Co-Author), Xiaojun Li, Chao Qin, Bo He, Wentao Sun
System Operation with High DER Penetration II - Tuesday, April 25, 2017 10:30AM-12:00PM
Session Chair: Nader Farah, ESTA, International
2017ISGT0227An Experimental Study of Energy Consumption in Buildings Providing Ancillary ServicesSina Afshari (Main Author), John Wolfe, Md Salman Nazir, Ian Hiskens, Jeremiah Johnson, Johanna Mathieu, Yashen Lin, Arthur Barnes, Drew Geller, Scott Backhaus (Co-Author)
2017ISGT0184Security-Constrained Unit Commitment With Integration of Battery Storage in Wind Power PlantNeda Hajibandeh (Main Author), Sobhan Badakhshan, Mehdi Ehsan, Soodabeh Soleymani (Co-Author)
2017ISGT0224A Unit Commitment for Electricity Market Participation of Wind FarmsEhsan Abbasi (Main Author), Seyed Hamid Hosseini (Co-Author), Mohammadreza Dorostkar Ghamsari
2017ISGT0244Data Mining based on Random Forest Model to Predict the California ISO Day-ahead Market PricesAshkan Sadeghi-Mobarakeh, Mahdi Kohansal, Evangelos Papalexakis, Hamed Mohsenian-Rad (Main Author)
2017ISGT0266Ex-post Stable and Fair Payoff Allocation for Renewable Energy AggregationHossein Khazaei (Main Author), Yue Zhao (Co-Author)
Data Management and Security - Tuesday, April 25, 2017 1:00PM-2:30PM
Session Chair: Kenneth Lutz, University of Delaware
2017ISGT0079Moving Target Defense for Securing Smart Grid Communications: Architecture, Implementation & EvaluationAswin Chidambaram Pappa (Main Author), Aditya Ashok (Co-Author), Manimaran Govindarasu
2017ISGT0130Active Sensing Approach to Electrical Load Classification by Smart PlugTin Petrovic (Main Author), Hiroyuki Morikawa (Co-Author)
2017ISGT0196Security Concerns and Countermeasures in IoT-Integrated Smart BuildingsKruthika Rathinavel (Main Author), Manisa Pipattanasomporn, Murat Kuzlu, Saifur Rahman
2017ISGT0208A Data-Driven Demand Charge Management Solution for Behind the Meter Storage ApplicationsRamin Moslemi (Main Author), Ali Hooshmand, Ratnesh K. Sharma (Co-Author)
System Operation with High DER Penetration III - Tuesday, April 25, 2017 1:00PM-2:30PM
Session Chair: Murat Kuzlu, Ph.D., Virginia Tech, Advanced Research Institute
2017ISGT0129Using Battery Energy Storage to Reduce Renewable Resource CannibalizationDouglas Proudfoot (Main Author), Chris Root (Co-Author), Hantz Presume, Ralph Masiello, Lee Willis
2017ISGT0165Nondominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm-II in Subpopulation Tables for Service RestorationLeandro Marques (Main Author), Alexandre Delbem, Joao Bosco London Jr. (Co-Author)
2017ISGT0177Integrated System to Enable High-Penetration Feeder-Level PV: Preliminary Design and Simulation ResultsMichael Zeifman (Main Author), Matthew Kromer, Kurt Roth (Co-Author)
2017ISGT0099Design and Optimization of RES based Standalone Hybrid System for Remote ApplicationsPriyanka Anand (Main Author), Sarbjeet Kaur Bath (Co-Author), Mohammad Rizwan
2017ISGT0233Power Sharing Control in VSC Based MT-HVDC for Integration of Off-Shore Power GenerationH M Mesbah Maruf (Main Author), Badrul Chowdhury (Co-Author), Madhav Manjrekar
Microgrids and Grid Edge Enabling Technologies II - Tuesday, April 25, 2017 3:00PM-5:00PM
Session Chair: Farrokh Albuyeh, OATI
2017ISGT0044Development of Prediction-based Operation Planning Method for Domestic Air-Conditioner with Adaptive Learning of Installation EnvironmentRyoichi Kuroha (Main Author), Yu Fujimoto, Wataru Hirohashi, Yoshiharu Amano, Shin-ichi Tanabe, Yasuhiro Hayashi (Co-Author)
2017ISGT0114Active Distribution Network Sustainability Assessment: A System Dynamic ApproachWei Wei, Han Gao, Tao Xu (Main Author), Kairui Xu, Jie Zhu, He Zhao, Zijin Li, Lingxu Guo (Co-Author), Lei Shi, Xiaolei Zhai
2017ISGT0144Design of an Adaptive Sending Rate for Frequency Regulation of a Smart Microgrid with Optimal LQR ControllerFarideh Doost Mohammadi (Main Author), Hessam Keshtkar Vanashi (Co-Author), Ali Feliachi, Vinod K. Kulathumani
2017ISGT0145Identification of Time Elasticity of Load Based on Analytic Hierarchy ProcessKuang Yonghong (Main Author), Li Canbing, Li Guobin (Co-Author)
2017ISGT0189Novel Direct Power Control of Single-Phase Three-Level SVPWM Inverter for Photovoltaic GenerationZaid Ali, Junhui Zhao (Main Author), Emad Manla, Junpeng Ma, Wensheng Song (Co-Author)
2017ISGT0190Hardware and Software Model Evaluation of a Dynamic Load Balancer for Mitigation of Current Unbalance in Distribution CircuitsHesam Mirzaee, Tim Chang (Main Author), Farid Katiraei, Marvin Zavala-Iraheta (Co-Author)
Situational Awareness and Control - Tuesday, April 25, 2017 3:00PM-5:00PM
Session Chair: Kenneth Lutz, University of Delaware
2017ISGT0031Situational Awareness in an Electric Utility's Control Center of its Generators' Damping CapabilitiesParanietharan Arunagirinathan (Main Author), Ganesh Venayagamoorthy (Co-Author)
2017ISGT0085Implementing Automatic Transfer Scheme in a Main-Tie-Main Configuration Using IEC 61850Fei Peng, Saeed Mohajeryami, Omid Ziaee, Bamdad Falahati (Main Author, Co-Author)
2017ISGT0127Multi-level Control Framework for Enhanced Flexibility of Active Distribution NetworkKarthikeyan Nainar (Main Author), Basanta Raj Pokhrel, Jayakrishnan R. Pillai, Birgitte Bak-Jensen (Co-Author)
2017ISGT0217Interoperability Test for IEC 61850-9-2 Standard-based Merging UnitsEugene Song (Main Author), Kang Lee, Gerald FitzPatrick, Yixin Zhang (Co-Author)
2017ISGT0245Synchrophasor Data Analytics in Distribution GridsDaniel Arnold (Main Author), Ciaran Roberts, Omid Ardakanian, Emma Stewart
Advances in Management of Grid Dynamics III - Wednesday, April 26, 2017 10:30AM-12:00PM
Session Chair: Farrokh Albuyeh, OATI
2017ISGT0036Load Forecasting Using Deep Neural NetworksStefan Hosein (Main Author), Patrick Hosein (Co-Author)
2017ISGT0042Voltage Source Converter Connected to Very Weak Grids Under DisturbancesMohammadreza Fakhari Moghaddam Arani (Main Author), Yasser Mohamed (Co-Author)
2017ISGT0140Stochastic Dynamic Power Flow Analysis Based on Stochastic Response Surface Method and ARMA-GARCH ModelNhung Nguyen (Main Author), Yosuke NAKANISHI (Co-Author)
2017ISGT0146Development of Voltage Control System for Multi-Terminal Low-Voltage DC Distribution SystemTRINH PHI HAI (Main Author), Hector Cho, Il-Yop Chung (Co-Author), Juyong Kim
2017ISGT0264Representative Day Selection Using Statistical Bootstrapping for Accelerating Annual Distribution SimulationsBryan Palmintier (Main Author), Bruce Bugbee, Peter Gotseff (Co-Author)
System Planning with High DER Penetration III - Wednesday, April 26, 2017 10:30AM-12:00PM
Session Chair: Farrokh Rahimi, OATI
2017ISGT0037Leveraging Smart Grid Technology and Using Microgrid as a Vehicle to Benefit DER IntegrationRatan Das (Main Author), Vahid Madani, A.P. (Sakis) Meliopoulos
2017ISGT0073An MILP Model for Optimal Management of Energy Consumption and Comfort in Smart BuildingsJerson Alexis Pinzon Amorocho (Main Author), Pedro Pablo Vergara Barrios, Luiz Carlos Pereira da Silva, Marcos Julio Rider
2017ISGT0084Modular Microgrid Unit (MMGU) Specifications for a Pumped-Storage ApplicationBamdad Falahati (Main Author, Co-Author), Masood Shahverdi, Arash Jamehbozorg, Mahyar Zarghami
2017ISGT0141Optimization in Load Scheduling of a Residential Community Using Dynamic PricingTamal Roy (Main Author), Avijit Das, Zhen Ni (Co-Author)
2017ISGT0199Statistical Analysis of Solar PV Power Frequency Spectrum for Optimal Employment of Building LoadsMohammed Olama (Main Author, Co-Author), Isha Sharma, Teja Kuruganti, David Fugate
Stakeholder Opportunities and Risks II - Wednesday, April 26, 2017 1:00PM-2:30PM
Session Chair: Joe Paladino, Department of Energy
2017ISGT0102Application of AMI Data to Anomaly Detection and Dynamic Power Flow AnalysisFathalla Eldali (Main Author), Thomas Kirk (Co-Author), David Pinney
2017ISGT0116Hour-Ahead Solar PV Power Forecasting using SVR Based ApproachAbdullah Alfadda (Main Author), Rajendra Adhikari, Murat Kuzlu, Saifur Rahman
2017ISGT0164Towards the Improvement of Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms for Service RestorationLeandro Marques (Main Author), Alexandre Delbem, Joao Bosco London Jr. (Co-Author)
2017ISGT0214A Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA)-Based Model for Power Interruption Cost Estimation for Industrial CompaniesOmid Ziaee (Main Author), Bamdad Falahati (Co-Author)
2017ISGT0240Energy and Power Savings Assessment in Buildings via Conservation Voltage ReductionStella Kampezidou (Main Author), Herman Wiegman (Co-Author)
T&D Interface Issues and Solutions II - Wednesday, April 26, 2017 1:00PM-2:30PM
Session Chair: Kevin Schneider, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
2017ISGT0050A Dynamic State Estimator for the Development of a Control Signal for Power System Damping EnhancementIsaac Ortega-Rivera, Claudio R. Fuerte-Esquivel, Cesar Angeles-Camacho (Co-Author), Gerald Heydt (Main Author), Vijay Vittal
2017ISGT0063Adaptive Mitigation of Out-of-Step Transients Based on Equal Area Criterion and Energy BalanceEllery Blood (Main Author)
2017ISGT0077Experimental Evaluation of Grid Support Enabled PV Inverter Response to Abnormal Grid ConditionsAustin Nelson (Main Author), Gregory Martin, James Hurtt (Co-Author)
2017ISGT0080Modeling a Microgrid as a Single Source Using the Timeframe Capacity Factor Reliability ModelBamdad Falahati (Main Author, Co-Author), Amin Kargarian, Shahab Mehraeen, Yong Fu
2017ISGT0082A SGAM-Based Architecture for Synchrophasor Applications Facilitating TSO/DSO InteractionsHossein Hooshyar (Main Author), Luigi Vanfretti (Co-Author)

Poster Session

Authors do not submit papers separately for the poster session. Authors submit their 5 page paper to the conference. The paper will be reviewed and if it is accepted it will be scheduled for presentation in a paper or poster session. The organizing committee decides which papers are presented in the paper sessions and which papers are presented in the poster session.

If a paper is accepted, in order for it to be posted to IEEE Xplore, the author needs to register for the conference, attend the conference and present the paper. Papers that are not presented will not be posted to IEEE Xplore after the conference.

Participants are kindly requested to review the Poster Session Guidelines and to download and use the poster templates listed below.


ISGT Poster Session Schedule: Monday, 24 April, 2017 5:00 PM-7:00 PM

Session Chair: Farrokh Rahimi, OATI
2017ISGT0008An Adaptive control and optimal operating method of microgrid with heat-loadH. ZHAO, Beijing Electrical Power Research Institute
T. JING, China Agricultural University
2017ISGT0010A Study on Probability of Distribution Loads Based on Expectation Maximization AlgorithmA. GANJAVI, University of Nottingham
E. CHRISTOPHER, University of Nottingham
C. JOHNSON, University of Nottingham
J. CLARE, University of Nottingham
2017ISGT0022Integration of Solar Energy and Optimized Economic Dispatch using Genetic Algorithm A case-study of Abu DhabiM. AKMAL, Abu Dhabi University
S. ALI, Abu Dhabi University
Y. AL KHALIL, Abu Dhabi University
N. IQBAL, Abu Dhabi University
S. ALZAABI, Abu Dhabi University
2017ISGT0023Frequency Dependent Line modeling and Equipment Sizing for a Transmission Level Wind Farm IntegrationA. YAZDANI, CSUS
2017ISGT0026An Automated Vulnerability Analysis Technique for Smart Grid InfrastructureY. KWON, Korea Electric Power Research Institute
H. KIM, Korea University
K. KOUMADI, Korea Electric Power Research Institute
Y. LIM, Korea Electric Power Research Institute
J. LIM, Korea University
2017ISGT0027Transient Stability Impact of Large-Scale Photovoltaic System on Electric Power GridsS. KHALIL, Texas A&M University at Qatar
H. ABU-RUB, Texas A&M University at Qatar
A. MOHAMED, Texas A&M University at Qatar
A. MOHAMED, Texas A&M University at Qatar
2017ISGT0030A Comprehensive Software Suite for Power Grid Stability Monitoring Based on Synchrophasor MeasurementsJ. MA, Burns & McDonnell
S. FEUERBORN, Burns & McDonnell
C. BLACK, Southern Company
V. VENKATASUBRAMANIAN, Washington State University
2017ISGT0054Online False Data Detection and Lost Packet Forecasting System Using Time Series Neural Networks for IEC 61850 Sampled Measured ValuesM. EL HARIRI, Florida International University
T. YOUSSEF, Florida International University
H. HABIB, Florida International University
O. MOHAMMED, Florida International University
2017ISGT0057Hierarchical Energy Management System Demonstration in a Semi-Virtual GridY. BECK, Holon Institute of Technology
2017ISGT0059Technical Review of Protection Settings Considering the Influence of Distributed GenerationS. MATOS, Universidade Federal do Espirito Santo
L. ENCARNACAO, Universidade Federal do Espirito Santo
C. DONADEL, Instituto Federal do Espirito Santo
2017ISGT0065Vulnerability Analysis for Simultaneous Attack in Smart Grid SecurityS. PAUL, South Dakota State University
Z. NI, South Dakota State University
2017ISGT0066Project and system firm capacity definitions with long term hydro schedulingE. HREINSSON, University of Iceland
2017ISGT0068Dynamic Analysis of OLTC and Voltage Regulator under Active Network Management Considering Different Load ProfilesS. ALKAABI, Masdar Institute of Science and Technology
H. ZEINELDIN, Masdar Institute of Science and Technology
V. KHADKIKAR, Masdar Institute of Science and Technology
M. ELMOURSI, Masdar Institute of Science and Technology
2017ISGT0069Micro controller Based Highly Efficient Three Phase Three Level Transformer less PV InverterS. CHATHAMPALLY, SCMS
2017ISGT0071Recurrent Neural Network Based User Classification for Smart GridsK. TORNAI, Péter Pázmány Catholic University
A. OLÁH, Péter Pázmány Catholic University
R. DRENYOVSZKI, Pallas Athene University
L. KOVÁCS, Pallas Athene University
I. PINTÉR, Pallas Athene University
J. LEVENDOVSZKY, Budapest University of Technology and Economics
2017ISGT0075Simplified Power Flow Modeling Approach Considering On-Load Tap ChangersS. ALKAABI, Masdar Institute of Science and Technology
H. ZEINELDIN, Masdar Institute of Science and Technology
V. KHADKIKAR, Masdar Institute of Science and Technology
2017ISGT0076Power Hardware-in-the-Loop Evaluation of PV Inverter Grid Support on Hawaiian Electric FeedersA. NELSON, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
K. PRABAKAR, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
A. NAGARAJAN, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
S. NEPAL, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
A. HOKE, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
M. ASANO, Hawaiian Electric Company
R. UEDA, Hawaiian Electric Company
E. IFUKU, Hawaiian Electric Company
2017ISGT0083Assessment of Hypothesized Substation Cyberattack Using Linearized Power Flow ApproachZ. YANG, Michigan Technological University
C. TEN, Michigan Technological University
2017ISGT0086State Estimation Error Detection System for Online Dynamic Security AssessmentY. TSUJII, Hitachi,Ltd.
K. KAWAKITA, Hitachi,Ltd.
M. KUMAGAI, Hitachi,Ltd.
A. KIKUCHI, Hitachi,Ltd.
M. WATANABE, Hitachi,Ltd.
2017ISGT0089Distributed Consensus Management for Islanded Hybrid AC/DC MicrogridS. LIU, State Grid Corporation of China
H. HE, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
B. HAN, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
G. LI, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
2017ISGT0094Evaluation of the ENTSO-E Initial Dynamic Model of Continental Europe Subject to Parameter VariationsF. SEGUNDO SEVILLA, ZHAW
W. SATTINGER, Swissgrid
2017ISGT0095Energy Flexibility in the Philippines’ Power SystemJ. BILLANES , University of Southern Denmark
Z. MA, University of Southern Denmark
B. JØRGENSEN , University of Southern Denmark
2017ISGT0098Supervised Learning for Optimal Power Flow as a Real-Time ProxyR. CANYASSE, Technion
G. DALAL, Technion
S. MANNOR, Technion
2017ISGT0111Continuation Power Flow Analysis for PV Integration Studies at Distribution FeedersJ. WANG, North Carolina State University
X. ZHU, North Carolina State University
D. LUBKEMAN, North Carolina State University
N. LU, North Carolina State University
N. SAMAAN, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
2017ISGT0112Empirical Analysis of Convergence and Sensitivity of Demand Response based on Real Time PricingS. LOKHANDE, Tata Consultancy Services Ltd
Y. BICHPURIYA, Tata Consultancy Services Ltd
2017ISGT0115RES Hosting Capacity Improvement Using a Central Energy Storage SystemP. HASANPOR DIVSHALI, KTH Royal Institute of Technology
L. SÖDER, KTH Royal Institute of Technology
2017ISGT0123Lessons Learned from Two Utility-Owned Islandable Microgrid ImplementationsA. VUKOJEVIC, Duke Energy
T. FENIMORE, Duke Energy
S. LAVAL, Duke Energy
2017ISGT0125Analysis of Contribution from Solar Generators for short circuit in an Urban Distribution SystemS. PAZZINI DA SILVA MATOS, Universidade Federal do Espirito Santo
L. ENCARNACAO, Universidade Federal do Espirito Santo
C. DONADEL, Instituto Federal do Espirito Santo
2017ISGT0137Implementation of Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation Workbench for A Hybrid AC/DC MicrogridD. SHI, Nanyang Technological University
C. JIN, Nanyang Technological University
Z. ZHANG, Nanyang Technological University
P. WANG, Nanyang Technological University
F. CHOO, Nanyang Technological University
L. KOH, Nanyang Technological University
2017ISGT0138Multi-Objective Optimization of Energy Storage and Wind DGs for Self- Adequacy of Microgrid equipped with Fast DC Charging StationS. EL BATAWY, University of Ontario Institute of Technology
2017ISGT0139Analyzing Subsynchronous Torsional Interactions in Large-Scale Power Systems in Frequency DomainP. ZADEHKHOST, Powertech Labs. Inc.
F. HOWELL, Powertech Labs. Inc.
X. LIN, Powertech Labs. Inc.
L. WANG, Powertech Labs. Inc.
2017ISGT0148Variable Voltage Method to Reduce the Components of an Asymmetrical Multilevel InverterJ. SINGH, National Institute of Technology Kurukshetra
R. DAHIYA, National Institute of Technology Kurukshetra
L. SAINI, National Institute of Technology Kurukshetra
2017ISGT0159Scalable Open Source Smart Grid Simulator (SGSim)E. EBEID, University of Southern Denmark
R. JACOBSEN, Aarhus University
F. STEFANNI, EDALab s.r.l.
D. QUAGLIA, Verona University
2017ISGT0163OPL - A Language for Dynamic Power Flow Formulation and BindingM. KHAN, KTH Royal Institute of Technology
M. FIDAI, KTH Royal Institute of Technology
G. VALDENMAIIER, KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Y. ZHAO, KTH Royal Institute of Technology
L. OSTERLUND, Brolunda Consulting
L. NORDSTROM, KTH Royal Institute of Technology
2017ISGT0167Islanding Detection of Active Distribution System with Parallel InvertersP. GUPTA, IGDTUW
R. BHATIA, NIT, Kurukshetra
2017ISGT0170Attack-Resilient Energy Management Architecture of Hybrid Emergency Power System for More-Electric AircraftsM. KAMAL, University of Akron
J. KOCSIS, University of Akron
2017ISGT0185Design and Development of a Microgrid Control System for Integration of Induction Generation With Storage Capability at Saint Paul Island, AlaskaA. KHATIB, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.
B. NAYAK, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.
B. DAI, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.
J. COLEMAN, TDX Power, Inc.
S. HOSKINS, TDX Power, Inc.
J. TIERSON, TDX Power, Inc.
2017ISGT0186Impact of Density of Wind Turbine Induction Generator on Static Voltage Stability of Distribution NetworkF. XIA, Wuhan University
H. CHEN, Wuhan University
2017ISGT0187Performance Guaranteed Inertia Emulation for Diesel-Wind System Feed Microgrid via Model Reference ControlY. ZHANG, University of Tennessee Knoxville
A. MELIN, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
S. DJOUADI, University of Tennessee Knoxville
M. OLAMA, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
2017ISGT0194Sizing Methodology for Combined Renewable Energy SystemsJ. SWARTZ, Rutgers University
A. GHOFRANI, Rutgers University
M. JAFARI, Rutgers University
2017ISGT0197A Cyber-Physical Resilience Metric for Smart GridsI. FRIEDBERG, Queen's University Belfast
K. MCLAUGHLIN, Queen's University Belfast
P. SMITH, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology
2017ISGT0209Autonomous Control of Smart Inverters in Grid Connected and Islanded ModeM. SHUVRA, UNC Charlotte
2017ISGT0210Substation Monitoring to Enhance Situational Awareness - Challenges and OpportunitiesA. ASHOK, PNNL
2017ISGT0212Predetermined Time-Step Solver for Rapid Quasi-Static Time Series (QSTS) of Distribution SystemsM. RENO, Sandia National Laboratories
R. BRODERICK, Sandia National Laboratories
2017ISGT0213Enhancement of Distribution Load Modeling Using Statistical Hybrid RegressionY. TANG, MICHIGAN TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY
2017ISGT0216Linear Quadratic Gaussian Control for Resonance Damping in Microgrids with Cascaded ConvertersA. NIRAGIRE, University of Arkansas
R. ABDULKADER, University of Arkansas
R. MCCANN, University of Arkansas
2017ISGT0218Communication Requirements for Hierarchical Control of Volt-VAr Function for Steady-State VoltageJ. QUIROZ, Sandia National Laboratories
M. RENO, Sandia National Laboratories
O. LAVROVA, Sandia National Laboratories
R. BYRNE, Sandia National Laboratories
2017ISGT0220PReSS Towards a Secure Smart Grid: Protection Recommendations against Smart SpoofingC. WICKRAMAARACHCHI, University of Southern California
R. KANNAN, University of Southern California
C. CHELMIS, University at Albany, SUNY
V. PRASANNA, University of Southern California
2017ISGT0222Coordinated Primary Control Reserve by Flexible Demand and Wind Power GenerationE. ABBASI, Amec Foster Wheeler
2017ISGT0232, 2017ISGT0232Y. GAO, UC Riverside
N. YU, UC Riverside
2017ISGT0235Optimized Solar Photovoltaic Generation in a Real Local Distribution NetworkH. SADEGHIAN, Virginia Commonwealth University
M. ATHARI, Virginia Commonwealth University
Z. WANG, Virginia Commonwealth University
2017ISGT0238Voltage Control by Using Capacitor Banks and Tap Changing Transformers in a Renewable MicrogridP. PENKEY, University of Idaho
H. SAMKARI, University of Idaho
B. JOHNSON, University of Idaho
H. HESS, University of Idaho
2017ISGT0241Assessment of Battery Energy Storage for Distribution Capacity Upgrade DeferralL. GARCIA-GARCIA, ComEd
2017ISGT0242Placement and Sizing of Parallel Reactive Power Compensation in the Presence of Distributed Generation For Line Loss ReductionT. MASAUD, Texas A&M University -Kingsville
C. UKAH, Texas A&M University-Kingsville
R. MISTRY, Texas A&M University-Kingsville
R. CHALLOO, Texas A&M University-Kingsville
2017ISGT0248Smart Charging for an Electric Vehicle Aggregator Considering User Tariff PreferenceJ. CLAIRAND, Universidad de las Américas - Ecuador
J. RODRÍGUEZ GARCÍA, Universitat Politècnica de València
C. ÁLVAREZ BEL, Universitat Politècnica de València
2017ISGT0252Economic Dispatch in MicrogridsP. THEKKUMPARAMBATH MANA, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
J. FULLER, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
2017ISGT0253Optimal Allocation of Photovoltaic Systems and Energy Storage Systems Considering Constraints of Both Transmission and Distribution SystemsR. KONISHI, Graduate School of Keio University
Y. TAKENOBU, Waseda University
M. TAKAHASHI, Keio University
Y. HAYASHI, Waseda University
2017ISGT0256A New Adaptive Inverse-Time Protection Scheme for Modern Distribution Systems with Distributed GenerationE. PURWAR, Indian Institute of Technology Varanasi (Banaras Hindu University)
D. VISHWAKARMA, Indian Institute of Technology Varanasi (Banaras Hindu University)
S. SINGH, Indian Institute of Technology Varanasi (Banaras Hindu University)
2017ISGT0257RSSI-Based Spoofing Detection in Smart Grid IEEE 802.11 Home Area NetworksB. CHATFIELD, Georgia Southern University
R. HADDAD, Georgia Southern University
2017ISGT0261Location Identification of High Impedance Faults Using Synchronized Harmonic PhasorsM. FARAJOLLAHI, University of California, Riverside
A. SHAHSAVARI, University of California, Riverside
H. MOHSENIAN-RAD, University of California, Riverside
2017ISGT0262Centralized Control for DC Microgrid Using Finite State MachineM. SALEH, CUNY City College of New York
Y. ESA, CUNY City College of New York
A. MOHAMED, CUNY City College of New York
2017ISGT0265Detection and Correction of Time-Skew in SCADA MeasurementN. KUMAR, Hitachi India Pvt. Ltd.
2017ISGT0275Smart Contract-based Campus Demonstration of Decentralized Transactive Energy AuctionsA. HAHN, Washington State University
S. CHEN, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
R. SINGH, Washington State University
C. LIU, Washington State University
2016ISGT0066The Effect of Load Current on a Three-Phase Fault
(This paper is published in the 2016 ISGT Conference proceedings and will be posted to Xplore after presentation at this conference)
I. KIM, Alabama A&M University