Poster Session

The Poster Session for the ISGT2015 Conference is listed below. It will be held on Wednesday, February 18, 2015 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm. Participants are kindly requested to review the 2015 General Guidelines for the Poster Session and to download and use the poster templates listed below.

ISGT2015 Poster Templates:

Poster Sesssion (6:00pm - 8:00pm)
Session Chair: Harold Kirkham
ISGT2015-000036Dynamic Modeling and Stability Analysis of Grid-Connected and Autonomous Distributed Generation SystemFei Ding and Kenneth Loparo
ISGT2015-000041New Generation System Concept: Motor-Assisted Gas Turbine with Pulse Width Modulation Interleaving Motor DriveAung Ko Thet; Noriaki Hino and Naohiro Kusumi
ISGT2015-000044Analytical performance analysis of a large-scale RF-mesh smart meter communication systemFilippo Malandra and Brunilde Sansò
ISGT2015-000053Clustering based Online Identification of Secondary Dynamic Parameters for Measurement based Composite Load ModelingShuqing Zhang
ISGT2015-000078Congestion Relief Using Grid Scale BatteriesJagabondhu Hazra; Manikandan Padmanaban; Fauzi Zaini and Liyanage Chandratilake De Silva
ISGT2015-000088Impact of Partitioning on the Performance of Decomposition Methods for AC Optimal Power FlowJunyao Guo; Gabriela Hug and Ozan Tonguz
ISGT2015-000089Effect of Different Load Models on the Three-Sample Based Quadratic Prediction AlgorithmAnamitra Pal
ISGT2015-000124Sensor Placement for Optimal Estimation in Power Distribution GridsFrancesco Fusco and Jonas Villumsen
ISGT2015-000141Robust Generation Dispatch with Wind Power Considering Air Pollutant DispersionShunbo Lei; Yunhe Hou; Xi Wang and Kai Liu
ISGT2015-000148Optimal Multi-Objective Allocation and Scheduling of Multiple Battery Energy Storages for Reducing Daily Marginal LossesAli Moeini; Innocent Kamwa and Martin de Montigny
ISGT2015-000153A Power Hardware-in-the-loop Framework for Advanced Grid-interactive Inverter TestingAnderson Hoke; Sudipta Chakraborty and Thomas Basso
ISGT2015-000158Consensus-based Distributed Optimal Power Flow AlgorithmMouhacine Benosman; Jie Liu and A. U. Raghunathan
ISGT2015-000160Static Stability Indexes for Classification of Power System Time-domain SimulationsFelix Rafael Segundo Sevilla and Luigi Vanfretti
ISGT2015-000162Experiences with Dynamic PMU Compliance Testing using Standard Relay Testing EquipmentJako Kilter; M. Shoaib Almas; Ivo Palu and Luigi Vanfretti
ISGT2015-000163Coherency-Independent Structured Model Reduction of Power SystemsChristopher Sturk; Luigi Vanfretti; Yuwa Chompoobutrgool and Henrik Sandberg
ISGT2015-000166A Dynamic Model of the Combined Electricity and Natural Gas MarketsSandra Jenkins; Anuradha Annaswamy; Jacob Hansen and Jesper Knudsen
ISGT2015-000167Locating Type-1 UEPs via Tracing the Minimum Energy Path on the Energy-Like Lyapunov FunctionHonghao Zheng and Christopher L. DeMarco
ISGT2015-000168SVM Based Cloud Classification Model Using Total Sky Images for PV Power ForecastingZhao Zhen; Fei Wang; Yujing Sun; Zengqiang Mi; Chun Liu; Bo Wang and Jing Lu
ISGT2015-000169Locational Security Impact Factors for Risk-Constrained AC OPFDmitry Shchetinin and Gabriela Hug
ISGT2015-000177Battery Pricing under Uncertain Demand ManagementYanyi He; Ratnesh Sharma and Mohammad C. Bozchalui
ISGT2015-000182Multi-Objective Lyapunov-Based Control of a STATCOM/BESSStefanos Baros and Marija Ilic
ISGT2015-000190Online Short-term Forecasting of Photovoltaic Energy ProductionAleksandra Rashkovska; Jošt Novljan; Miha Smolnikar; Mihael Mohorcic and Carolina Fortuna
ISGT2015-000195Fault Detection and Isolation in a DC Microgrid Using a Central Processing UnitGrace Madingou; Mahyar Zarghami and Mohammad Vaziri
ISGT2015-000202The Effect of Load Model Composition on N–1 Contingency RankingHema Retty; James S. Thorp and Virgilio Centeno
ISGT2015-000218A Unified Platform Enabling Power System Circuit Model Data Transfer Among Different SoftwareArash Khoshkbar-Sadigh; Mojtaba Heydari; Marco Tedde; Reza Arghandeh; Keyue Smedley and Alexandra Meier
ISGT2015-000219The Necessity of Time-Series Simulation for Investigation of Large-Scale Solar Energy PenetrationArash Khoshkbar-Sadigh and Keyue Smedley
ISGT2015-000221Incremental Cost Consensus(ICC) and Leaderless ICC Implementations in FREEDMLi Feng; Bruce McMillin; Anthony Santiago and Ziang (John) Zhang
ISGT2015-000233Applying Reinforcement Learning Method to Optimize an Energy Hub Operation in the Smart GridMohammad Rayati; Aras Sheikhi and AliMohammad Ranjbar
ISGT2015-000235Energy Hub Optimal Sizing in the Smart Grid; Machine Learning ApproachAras Sheikhi; Mohammad Rayati and AliMohammad Ranjbar
ISGT2015-000242Fine-Scale Volatility-Based Economic Dispatch for Smart Grid Edge NetworksNavid Khajehzadeh; Sergey Samokhin and Paul Flikkema
ISGT2015-000243Distributed Sustainable Generation Dispatch via Evolutionary GamesPirathayini Srikantha and Deepa Kundur
ISGT2015-000244Solar Disaggregation Using Whole-House Consumption SignalsAbhay Gupta
ISGT2015-000252An Algorithmic Interactive Planning Framework in Support of Sustainable TechnologiesMarija Prica; Marija Ilic and Jovan Ilic
ISGT2015-000254Systematic Testing and Comparison of Deterministic and Stochastic Unit Commitment on an 8-Zone Test Case Based on ISO New England DataWanning Li; Dheepak Krishnamurthy and Leigh Tesfatsion
ISGT2015-000256A Probabilistic Approach for Smart Distribution Networks PlanningGeev Mokryani and Bikash Pal
ISGT2015-000257Design and Validation of a Communication and Control System for a 20MVA Hardware-In-The-Loop Renewable Energy Test FacilityMark McKinney; J. Curtiss Fox and Ben Gislason
ISGT2015-000259Linear Analysis for Determining and Visualizing Critical Thermal Boundaries of Power SystemsRobert Entriken; Walter Murray and Tomas Tinoco De Rubira
ISGT2015-000262Combining SCADA, CIM, GridLab-D and Akka for Smart Grid Co-SimulationDenis Bytschkow; Martin Zellner and Markus Duchon
ISGT2015-000278Partitioned Linear State EstimationParoma Chatterjee; Anamitra Pal; James S. Thorp and Jaime De La Ree
ISGT2015-000280Nonlinear state estimationHossein Darvish and Xin Wang
ISGT2015-000282Demand responseHossein Darvish; Atena Davishi and Hossein Hejazi
ISGT2015-000283Optimal Power Flow with Limited and Discrete ControlsWalter Murray; Tomas Tinoco De Rubira and Adam Wigington
ISGT2015-0002923D Layout Optimization for Large Wind FarmsJagabondhu Hazra; Subhadip Mitra; Sathyajith Mathew and Fauzi Zaini
ISGT2015-000299A Novel Spiral Back-off Mechanism for Wireless Sensor Networks MAC Protocol in Smart Grid SystemS.M Sadakatul Bari and Musse Ahmed
ISGT2015-000320Assessment of Congestion Management Potential in Distribution Networks using Demand-Response and Battery Energy StorageDaniel Brodén and Claes Sandels
ISGT2015-000322A Joint Bidding and Operation Strategy for Battery Storage in Multi-temporal Energy MarketsSeyed Hossein Akhavan Hejazi; Babak Asghari and Ratnesh Sharma
ISGT2015-000324Integration of IEC 61850 into a Vehicle-to-Grid System with Networked Electric VehiclesRui Huang; Yubo Wang; Wenbo Shi; Daoyuan Yao; Boyang Hu; Chi-Cheng Chu and Rajit Gadh
ISGT2015-000332Modeling and Analysis of Self-Excited Induction Generator for Wind Energy ConversionTAREK MASAUD and Pankaj K SEN
ISGT2015-000345Requirements on Communication and Control systems for HVDC GridsLars Nordstrom