Paper Sessions

The paper sessions for the ISGT2015 Conference are listed below. Please determine your scheduled slot for presentation using the last three digits of your paper ID. Paper sessions will be held in two parallel tracks each day. Presenters are encouraged to use the IEEE PES template for their presentations. Click here to download the templates from the IEEE PES PowerPoint Templates web page. Please contact the Technical Program Chair with any questions regarding paper sessions.


Day 1 Paper Sessions – Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Day 1 – Track I Sessions

Microgrid I (10:30am – 12:00pm)
Session Chair: Xianjun Zhang
ISGT2015-000212Microgrid Automation Assisted by SynchrophasorsMehmet Cintuglu; Ahmed Elsayed and Osama Mohammed
ISGT2015-000255A Decision Tree Based Approach for Microgrid Islanding DetectionRiyasat Azim; Yongli Zhu; Hira Amna Saleem; Kai Sun; Fangxing Li; Di Shi and Ratnesh K. Sharma
ISGT2015-000179A Novel Passive Islanding Detection Technique for Converter-Based Distributed Generation SystemsBikiran Guha; Rami Haddad and Youakim Kalaani
ISGT2015-000272A Technical and Economical Study of Implementing a Micro-grid System at an Educational InstitutionMatthew Purser; Youakim Kalaani and Rami Haddad
ISGT2015-000287Employing Price-Responsive PEVs in Microgrid: Optimal Operations and Security ManagementSajjad Abedi; Miao He and Seyed Fatemi

Distribution I (1:00pm – 2:30pm)
Session Chair: Zareh Soghomonian
ISGT2015-000045A Simple Control Method of Waterworks Pump Power Consumption for Demand ResponseMasaki Imanaka; Jumpei Baba; Chihiro Tobaru; Masanori Shimabuku and Yuma Uezu
ISGT2015-000083Randomized Automated Demand Response for Real-time PricingShun-ichi Azuma; Tsuyoshi Nakamaoto; Shinsaku Izumi; Taichi Kitao and Ichiro Maruta
ISGT2015-000189A Game Theoretic Software Framework for Optimizing Demand ResponseWolfgang Lausenhammer; Dominik Engel and Robert Green
ISGT2015-000247A Dynamic Simulation Tool for Estimating Demand Response Potential from Residential LoadsBrandon Johnson; Michael Starke; Omar Abdelaziz; Roderick Jackson and Leon Tolbert
ISGT2015-000230Demand Side Management in a group of Smart Energy Hubs as price anticipators; the game theoretical approachAras Sheikhi; Mohammad Rayati; Shahab Bahrami and AliMohammad Ranjbar

Distribution II Voltage (3:00pm – 5:00pm)
Session Chair: Mark Morgan
ISGT2015-000122Network Clustering for Voltage Control in Active Distribution Network Including Energy Storage SystemsMaryam Bahramipanah; Mostafa Nick; Rachid Cherkaoui and Mario Paolone
ISGT2015-000154Optimal Planning of Parking Lots and Demand Response Programs in Distribution Network Considering Power Loss and Voltage ProfileAmin Mohsenzadeh; Samaneh Pazouki; Chengzong Pang and Mahmoudreza Haghifam
ISGT2015-000232A Scheme for Coordinated Secondary Voltage Control for Systems with Multiple VAr ReservesDinh Thuc Duong; Lester Kalemba; Kjetil Uhlen and Stig Løvlund
ISGT2015-000260The Basic Study for Development of a Method for Determining the LDC Parameters of LRT and SVR Using PV Output ForecastingShunsuke Kawano; Shinya Yoshizawa; Yu Fujimoto and Yasuhiro Hayashi
ISGT2015-000145Optimized Regulation of Dispersed Generation Units for Minimization of Reactive Power ConsumptionPeter Franz; Ingo Sgoff; Ignacio Talavera and Jutta Hanson
ISGT2015-000206Impact of Type of Wind Turbine Generator in Large-Scale Offshore Wind Farms on Voltage Regulation in Distribution FeedersAmirhossein Sajadi; Richard Kolacinski; Steve Barnes and Kenneth A. Loparo
ISGT2015-000315Integration of Energy Storage for Voltage Support in Smart Distribution SystemsJ. O. Petinrin and Mohamed Shaaban

Day 1 – Track II Sessions
International Experience (10:30am – 12:00pm)
Session Chair: Harold Kirkham
ISGT2015-000035Controlling Electric Vehicle Charging Points for Congestion Management of UK LV NetworksKyriacos Petrou; Jairo Quiros-Tortos and Luis F. Ochoa
ISGT2015-000040Initial Assessment of Voltage-Led Demand Response from UK Residential LoadsAndrea Ballanti and Luis Ochoa
ISGT2015-000118VI-DMSSerdar Ozbuber and Mustafa Bagriyanik
ISGT2015-000128Real-Time State Estimation of the EPFL-Campus Medium-Voltage Grid by Using PMUsMarco Pignati; Miroslav Popovic; Sergio Barreto; Rachid Cherkaoui; German Dario Flores; Jean-Yves Le Boudec; Maaz Mohiuddin; Mario Paolone; Paolo Romano; Styliani Sarri; Teklemariam Tesfay; Dan-Cristian Tomozei and Lorenzo Zanni
ISGT2015-000211Increasing the PV Hosting Capacity of LV Networks: OLTC-Fitted Transformers vs. ReinforcementsAlejandro Navarro Espinosa and Luis F. Ochoa
ISGT2015-000246Understanding LV Network Voltage Distribution- UK Smart Grid Demonstration ExperienceChen Zhao and Chenghong Gu

PMU and Wide Area I (1:00pm - 2:30pm)
Session Chair: Jeff Dagle
ISGT2015-000049Current Measurements to Obtain State EstimationGeorge Kusic
ISGT2015-000134Optimal Selected Phasor Measurement Units for Identifying Multiple Line Outages in Smart GridJie Wu; Jinjun Xiong; Prasenjit Shil and Yiyu Shi
ISGT2015-000201Development and Evaluation of a Laboratory Based Phasor Measurement DevicesAli Mazloomzadeh; Osama Mohammed and Mehmet Cintuglu
ISGT2015-000222Area angle can monitor cascading outages with synchrophasorsAtena Darvishi and Ian Dobson
ISGT2015-000253Local Detection of Voltage Imbalance in Three-Phase Power Systems Based on PMU OutputRicky Concepcion; Tirza Routtenberg and Lang Tong

Markets (3:00pm - 5:00pm)
Session Chair: Abhishek Somani
ISGT2015-000039Algorithm for Optimal Real-time Pricing Based on Switched Markov Chain ModelsKoichi Kobayashi and Kunihiko Hiraishi
ISGT2015-000046A Functional Approach to Assessing Flexible Ramping Products' Impact on Electricity MarketChenye Wu; Gabriela Hug and Soummya Kar
ISGT2015-000135Bidding Strategy in Energy and Spinning Reserve Markets for Aluminum Smelters’ Demand ResponseXiao Zhang and Gabriela Hug
ISGT2015-000150Toward Design of Risk-Based Real-Time Dispatch at ValueXiaoqi Yin; Marija Ilic and Bruno Sinopoli
ISGT2015-000326EV Charging Algorithm Implementation with User Price PreferenceBin Wang; Boyang Hu; Charlie Qiu; Peter Chu and Rajit Gadh
ISGT2015-000343Multi-stage Coupon Incentive-based Demand Response In Two-settlement Electricity MarketsHaiwang Zhong; Le Xie; Qing Xia; Chongqing Kang and Saifur Rahman
ISGT2015-000093Monetary impact of dynamic pricing and demand response on households: the winners and losersMatti Mononen; Antti Rautiainen; Jukka Saarenpää; Mikko Kolehmainen and Harri Niska
ISGT2015-000131Participation of customers in Active Demand Side Participation programs under different pricing schemesHan XU and Ivana Kockar

[6:00-8:00 pm] Poster Session and Reception (Independence Ballroom A)

Day 2 Paper Sessions – Thursday, February 19, 2015

Day 2 – Track I Sessions

Microgrid II (10:30am – 12:00pm)
Session Chair: Mani Venkata
ISGT2015-000054When Order Matters: Communication Scheduling for Current Injection Control in Micro GridsRiccardo Bonetto; Stefano Tomasin and Michele Rossi
ISGT2015-000087Dynamic Frequency Control Strategy of Wind/Photovoltaic/Diesel Micro-grid based on DFIG Virtual Inertia Control and Pitch Angle ControlJingjing Zhao; Xue Lv; Yang Fu and Xiaoguang Hu
ISGT2015-000210Reliability-constrained Self-organization and Energy Management towards a Resilient Microgrid ClusterMiao He and Michael Giesselmann
ISGT2015-000258An Integrated Utility Microgrid Test Site Ecosystem Optimized by an Open Interoperable Distributed Intelligence PlatformAleksandar Vukojevic; Stuart Laval and Jason Handley
ISGT2015-000284Improved Estimation Methods for Lead Acid Utility Arrays for MicrogridsChristopher Lashway and Osama Mohammed

Distribution III (1:00pm – 2:30pm)
Session Chair: Amin Khodaei
ISGT2015-000127 The Geographical Aspect of Flexibility in Distribution GridsKonstantinos Kouzelis; Birgitte Bak Jensen and Jayakrishnan R. Pillai
ISGT2015-000151 "Zoning reconfiguration for Coordinated Voltage Regulation in future transmission grids"VARVARA ALIMISIS; Chiara Piacentini and PHILIP TAYLOR
ISGT2015-000176 A Generalized Admittance Based Method for Fault Location Analysis of Distribution SystemsZhenyu Tan; Hongbo Sun; Daniel Nikovski; Tomihiro Takano; Yasuhiro Kojima and Tetsufumi Ohno
ISGT2015-000266 Big Data Analytics in Power Distribution SystemsNanpeng Yu; Sunil Shah; Raymond Johnson; Robert Sherick; Mingguo Hong and Kenneth Loparo
ISGT2015-000319 Distribution Network Topology Detection with Time-Series MeasurementsGuido Cavraro; Reza Arghandeh; Grazia Barchi and Alexandra Von Meier

Electric Vehicles (3:00pm – 5:00pm)
Session Chair: Abas Goodarzi
ISGT2015-000009A Statistical Modelling and Analysis of Residential Electric Vehicles' Charging Demand in Smart GridsFarshad Rassaei; Wee-Seng Soh and Kee-Chaing Chua
ISGT2015-000020Leveraging Reliability-Differentiated Pricing for Integrating PHEVs into Residential Distribution GridJun Tan and Lingfeng Wang
ISGT2015-000028A Novel Stochastic Modelling Approach For Electric Vehicle Charging Power And Energy RequirementsAmir Fazeli; C. Mark Johnson; Mark Sumner and Edward Christopher
ISGT2015-000181Optimal Renewable Energy Transfer via Electrical VehiclesAbdurrahman Arikan; Ruofan Jin; Bing Wang; Song Han; Krishna R. Pattipati; Ping Yi and Ting Zhu
ISGT2015-000191Electric Vehicle Charging Preferences Impact on Aggregated Load ProfilePia Grahn; Joakim Widén and Lennart Söder
ISGT2015-000314Adequacy Evaluation of Residential Distribution Network with PHEVs PenetrationZhu Wang and Lingfeng Wang

Day 2 – Track II Sessions
Cybersecurity I (10:30am – 12:00pm)
Session Chair: Dave Bakken
ISGT2015-000137Modeling Distributed Denial of Service Attack in Advanced Metering InfrastructureYonghe Guo; Chee-Wooi Ten; Shiyan Hu and Wayne W. Weaver
ISGT2015-000175A Resilient Feedback Linearization Control Scheme for Smart Grids under Cyber-Physical DisturbancesEman Hammad; Abdallah Farraj and Deepa Kundur
ISGT2015-000239Denial of Service Attacks and Mitigation for Stability in Cyber-Enabled Power GridPirathayini Srikantha and Deepa Kundur
ISGT2015-000285Data Attacks on Power Grids: Leveraging DetectionDeepjyoti Deka; Ross Baldick and Sriram Vishwanath
ISGT2015-000311Power Grid Adequacy Evaluation Involving Substation Cybersecurity IssuesYingmeng Xiang; Lingfeng Wang and Yichi Zhang

PMU and Wide Area II (1:00pm - 2:30pm)
Session Chair: Jay Giri
ISGT2015-000011Stability Analysis of Wide-area Damping Control System with Stochastic Communication Time DelayXinran Zhang; Chao Lu and Yingduo Han
ISGT2015-000025Research on perception of power system state based on WAMSYunfeng Cheng and Chao Lu
ISGT2015-000159A Cyber-Enabled Stabilizing Controller for Resilient Smart Grid SystemsAbdallah K. Farraj; Eman M. Hammad and Deepa Kundur
ISGT2015-000164Real-Time Data Mediation for Synchrophasor Application Development Compliant with IEEE C37.118.2Luigi Vanfretti; Iyad Al Khatib and M. Shoaib Almas
ISGT2015-000203Simulation approach to reliability analysis of WAMPAC systemYan Zhang; Mats Larsson; Nina Thornhill and Bikash Pal

Off Nominal (3:00pm – 5:00pm)
Session Chair: Ron Melton
ISGT2015-000024Diversity of Cascading Failure Processes in Electrical GridsYihai Zhu; Jun Yan; Yufei Tang; Yan Sun and Haibo He
ISGT2015-000094Locating Double-line-to-ground Faults using Hybrid Current Profile ApproachAnamika Dubey; Hongbo Sun; Daniel Nikovski; Tomihiro Takano; Yasuhiro Kojima and Tetsufumi Ohno
ISGT2015-000121Disconnection Detection Method for Power Distribution Lines Using Smart MetersShoichi Kitamura; Tomihiro Takano; Yoshio Izui and Nobuhiko Itaya
ISGT2015-000133Identification of Critical Components of Composite Power Systems Using Minimal Cut SetsBADR LAMI and KANKAR BHATTACHARYA
ISGT2015-000267Reliability Analysis of Distribution Systems Considering Service RestorationYin Xu; Chen-Ching Liu and Haixiang Gao
ISGT2015-000286Structural Vulnerability of Power Grids to Disasters: Bounds and Reinforcement MeasuresDeepjyoti Deka and Sriram Vishwanath
ISGT2015-000288Singular Value Decomposition in Geomagnetically Induced Current ValidationMaryam Kazerooni; Hao Zhu and Thomas Overbye

[6:00-8:00 pm] Gala Diner – Speaker: Andres Carvallo, CEO, CMG, and Former CIO, Austin Energy and Author of The Advanced Smart Grid
(Independence Ballroom A)

Day 3 Paper Sessions – Friday, February 20, 2015

Day 3 – Track I Sessions

Microgrid III (10:30am - 12:00pm)
Session Chair: Merril Smith
ISGT2015-000157Single-Objective Approaches for Microgrid Scheduling in the presence of Plug-in Vehicle Fleets and DatacentersShahab Khormali; Fabio Mottola and Angela Russo
ISGT2015-000173Investigating The Impact Of Varying The Number Of Distributed Energy Resources On Controlling The Power Flow Within A MicrogridAmir Fazeli; Mark Sumner; C. Mark Johnson and Edward Christopher
ISGT2015-000200Micro grid scheduling policies, forecasting errors, and cooperation based on production correlationGeorgios Tsaousoglou; Emmanouel Varvarigos and Prodromos Makris
ISGT2015-000248An Novel Droop Control Method for DC Microgrid Based on Fuzzy Sliding Mode ControlMi Yang
ISGT2015-000329Grid-Independent Cooperative Microgrid Networks with High Renewable PenetrationEman Hammad; Abdallah Farraj and Deepa Kundur

Buildings (1:00pm - 2:30pm)
Session Chair: Harold Kirkham
ISGT2015-000016Building Comfortability and Computation Schedulability: A Comparative StudyGopinath Karmakar
ISGT2015-000123Predictability of Energy Characteristics for Cooling, Ventilation and Heating Systems in Sports FacilitiesMischa Schmidt; Anett Schülke; Alberto Venturi and Roman Kurpatov
ISGT2015-000224PV Generation and Demand Mismatch: Evaluating the Potential of Residential StorageValentin Muenzel; Julian de Hoog; Iven Mareels; Arun Vishwanath; Shivkumar Kalyanaraman and Andrew Gort
ISGT2015-000250Home Energy Management as a Service over Networking PlatformsKorosh Vatanparvar; Quan Chau and Mohammad Abdullah Al Faruque
ISGT2015-000313Control Strategy Optimization for Energy Efficiency and Comfort Management in HVAC SystemsRui Yang and Lingfeng Wang

Day 3 – Track II Sessions
Cybersecurity II (10:30am – 12:00pm)
Session Chair: Debbie Haught
ISGT2015-000317On Using Energy Storage Systems in Switching Attacks That Destabilize Smart Grid SystemsAbdallah Farraj and Deepa Kundur
ISGT2015-000249Dynamic Load Altering Attacks in Smart GridSajjad Amini; Hamed Mohsenian-Rad and Fabio Pasqualetti
ISGT2015-000312Power System Adequacy Assessment with Load Redistribution AttacksYingmeng Xiang; Zhilu Ding and Lingfeng Wang
ISGT2015-000227The Effects of Flooding Attacks on Time-Critical Communications in the Smart Grid
Qinghua Li; Chase Ross; Jing Yang; Jia Di; Juan Balda and Alan Mantooth
ISGT2015-000346Cyber-Physical Risk Modeling and Mitigation for the Smart Grid using a Game-theoretic ApproachManimaran Govindarasu

The Big Picture (1:00pm - 2:30pm)
Session Chair: Osama Mohammed
ISGT2015-000130Defining the Value of the GridKenneth Bowes and Michael Beehler
ISGT2015-000172Model-based Assessment for Balancing Privacy Requirements and Operational Capabilities in the Smart GridFabian Knirsch; Dominik Engel; Marc Frincu and Viktor Prasanna
ISGT2015-000184Electricity Theft Detection Using Smart Meter DataSanujit Sahoo; Daniel Nikovski; Toru Muso and Kaoru Tsuru
ISGT2015-000204Efficient, Verifiable, Secure, and Privacy-Friendly Computations for the Smart GridFábio Borges; Florian Volk and Max Mühlhäuser
ISGT2015-000305Understanding Flattening Demand in Electrical Distribution Using a Clustering ApproachBrian Akperi and Peter Matthews
ISGT2015-000043Erkios: End-to-End Field-Based RAS TestingLuis Oleas Chávez; David Bakken; Anjan Bose and Patrick Panciatici