As a sponsor of the first IEEE International Smart Cities Conference, you have the opportunity to gain visibility and credibility amongst individuals in the academic, industry, and government fields. You will also be positioned as a leader to these attendees coming to learn, discuss, and interact with the Smart Cities that promote and prioritize the use of information and sensing technology, citizen engagement, quality of life, manufacturing efficiency, economic development, and environmental sustainability. Sponsors will be prominently recognized both at the event and on the ISC2 website and program book.

Please contact the Organizing Committee at isc2-2015@listserv.ieee.org if you have any questions or would like to discuss other sponsorship opportunities.

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Our current sponsors are listed in the table below:



Diamond Sponsor


HW LOGO(horizontalú®

Huawei is a global leader of ICT solutions. Continuously innovating based on customer needs, we are committed to enhancing customer experiences and creating maximum value for telecom carriers, enterprises, and consumers. Our telecom network equipment, IT products and solutions, and smart devices are used in 170 countries and regions. Huawei ranked 285th on the Global Fortune 500 based on its revenue in 2013. In 2014, the company’s revenue reached approximately USD 46.5 billion.

We invest over 10% of our annual sales revenue into R&D and more than 45% of our 170,000 employees engage in R&D. Leveraging our experience and expertise in the ICT sector, we help bridge the digital divide and promote high-quality broadband connectivity for all.

Diamond Sponsor

cic LOGO

China ITS (Holdings) Co., Ltd. (“CIC”) is a leading technology solution and service provider in China’s transport industry. As one of the state-level ITS pioneers in China, with combinations  of Turnkey Solutions, Specialized Solutions, Value-Added Services, CIC addresses customers’ multi-level demands in safety, reliability, efficiency, environmental protection and revenue securing in highway, railway ,urban traffic and intelligent aviation sectors. After years of development and consolidation, CIC has become the sole market leader spanning her business operations over highway, railway and urban traffic sectors, with essences of Turnkey Solutions, Specialized Solutions, Value-Added Services.

CIC equipped with completed products R&D system, project  management system , market development system and customer service system. CIC implements process management and quality control since the planning stage up until the delivery stage and make sure clients are “one-stop all-around” served. [From co website]: Through integration of disciplinary business operation and innovation capital strategy, with full devotion to the industry and in-depth synergistic business integration, CIC has built up a unique core competitiveness in China’s ITS  market.

As an active participant in Intelligent Transportation sector, CIC has witnessed different development stages of China Transportation Industry. It proactively seized the valuable market opportunities and push on sustainable business practice while fulfill corporate social responsibility at the same time. Through its operational performance and also the reputation in the industry, CIC has gradually establish as the leader in China Intelligent Transaction Industry.


 Diamond Sponsor

Sunfor SEIG Logo


SUNFOR is an industry leader dedicated in rare earth luminous materials and LED lighting technologies research and development. In the meantime, as a professional provider of full range of LED lighting products and services, Sunfor offers customers integrated solution packages for all types of lighting application projects. Sunfor possesses an industry leading portfolio of LED phosphors, AC LED and intelligent lighting management technologies etc. Hitherto, Sunfor has been granted with nearly 900 domestic and international patents. And to date, there are more than 1000 projects worldwide using SUNFOR’s advanced LED lighting products, saving over 300 million KWH power, equivalent to 12000 tons of standard coals or 30000 tons of carbon emission each year. SUNFOR will continue research and innovation in the semiconductors and LED lighting industries, with the stress on energy saving, environment friendly and low carbon, so as to fulfill its mission of making human being a better life through lighting.

Silver Sponsor



China Intelligent Transportation Systems Association (ITS China) was established in 2008 and initiated by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-rural Development, the Civil Aviation Administration of China and China Railway Corporation. It is a national industrial non profitable social organization with legal personality registered in the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

Since the ITS China was founded, it has bridged enterprises and government under government leadership, promoted contact and cooperation between enterprises; promoted industrial technical improvement, integration of

industrial resource, cooperation in the industry and international academic exchange and cooperation; speeded up the process of IT and intelligent development in transport; protected legal rights of the industry and members and struggled for further development of Chinese intelligent transport!

STMicroelectronics  A world leader in providing the semiconductor solutions that make a positive contribution to people’s lives, both today and in the future

  • Among the world’s largest semiconductor companies
  • A leading Integrated Device Manufacturer serving all electronics segments
  • A leading technology innovator (around 8,700 people working in R&D, ~15,000 patents, ~9,000 patent families and 500 new filings)
  • Key strengths in Sense and Power, Automotive, and Embedded Processing Solutions
  • Rich, balanced portfolio (ASICs, Application-Specific Standard Products and Multi-Segment Products)
  • A pioneer and visionary leader in sustainability
Sun Yat-sen University Logo2
  • Originally known as Guangdong University, was founded in 1924 by Dr. Sun Yat-sen (also called Sun Zhongshan).
  • One of the leading universities in the People’s Republic of China, Sun Yat-Sen University is a comprehensive multi-disciplinary university.
  • University Motto:
    • “Study Extensively, Enquire Accurately, Reflect Carefully, Discriminate Clearly, Practice Earnestly”

  • The Pacific Northwest Transportation Consortium (PacTrans) is the Region 10 University Transportation Center (UTC) established in January 2012 with a $13.75 million grant from the US Department of Transportation (USDOT).
  • The solutions that we develop will meet the needs of the Region and provide direction for the five strategic goals of the US Department of Transportation:
    • Safety
    • State of good repair
    • Livable communities
    • Environmental sustainability
    • Economic competitiveness
  • The PacTrans Center is located at More 112 on the UW campus. Dr. Yinhai Wang, Professor of transportation engineering in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, serves as Director of PacTrans.

Ensitech’s powerful platform has key components for success in the new online era. We work closely with our customers to provide customized software, infrastructure and security required , and with the continued support of a team of project managers , programmers and e- marketers
Hackathon Sponsor
IBM is a globally integrated technology and consulting company headquartered in Armonk, New York. With operations in more than 170 countries, IBM attracts and retains some of the world’s most talented people to help solve problems and provide an edge for businesses, governments and non-profits. IBMers determined that our actions will be driven by these values: