Latest News!!!

Oct. 25, 2015

The weather is good in Guadalajara!  Enjoy your conference.

Oct. 24, 2015

Dear Attendees,

It looks like the hurricane faded away as it hit ground. The airports have begun operating again.  Winds in Guadalajara are today 11mph and tomorrow 4mph.  A breeze. Scattered clouds.

If you are flying through Texas (Houston or Dallas), you will likely face delays with the heavy rain.  Other cities are reporting minor delays.

We look forward welcoming you to Guadalajara.

Oct. 23, 2015Weather Report  

Potential storm impact: Guadalajara is safe so do not get stressed before your trips. Guadalajara is 300Km far from the pacific coast and protected by a chain of mountains where Guadalajara is in a  valley at 1600 mts, so there is no more impact than just scattered storms.