The IEEE International Smart Cities Conference (ISC2-2015) will be held on 25-28 October 2015 in Guadalajara, Mexico, the “Silicon Valley of Mexico”.

ISC2 is the first premier annual conference sponsored by the IEEE Smart Cities Steering Committee, with this year’s theme being Sustainability. As cities worldwide are affected daily by changes in population, climate, congestion, and more, challenges continue to arise. Strategically located in the industry-driven city of Guadalajara, ISC2 will focus on these ever-changing factors and the investments needed to fuel sustainable economic development.

The conference committee is formed by experts from nearly 10 different countries across the world, together bringing diverse perspectives and providing international expertise for attendees to learn from one another.

Attend ISC2 to learn, discuss, and interact with the Smart Cities that promote and prioritize the use of information and sensing technology, citizen engagement, quality of life, manufacturing efficiency, economic development, and environmental sustainability.

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