Seoul Olympic Parktel

Seoul Olympic Parktel is located in the beautiful scenery of the Olympic Park which is one of the best 5 sculpture parks in the world. Surprising views of the Olympic Park including wild ducks playing on the lake, the great variety of international sculptures and music fountain, will make you comfortable like your home. Guests can take a walk along the Olympic Park’s natural trail.


Getting to the Venue

Participants arriving Seoul using international flights will mostly enter Korea through Incheon International Airport (ICN). ICN sits 52km west of downtown Seoul. The most convenient way to reach the venue and sub hotels is to take the limousine bus and it takes approximately 80~90 minutes. You can get information on limousine bus, and purchase the bus ticket at the Transportation Information Counter (near the exit No. 2, 4, 9, 13) on the arrival floor (1st floor) of passenger terminal.


Incheon International Airport Limousine Bus -> Seoul Olympic Parktel (Venue)

Bus No. Route Fare (KRW) Operating Hours Interval Duration Bus Stop
6006 Airport-Venue 10,000 From Airport 05:30-23:00 15 min. 90 min. 5A, 11B


KAL Limousine Bus -> Ibis Ambassador Gangnam, Casaville Samsung (Sub Hotels)

Bus No. Route Fare (KRW) Operating Hours Interval Duration Bus Stop
6704 Airport-Venue 16,000 From Airport 05:10-22:20 30 min. 80 min. 4B, 11A


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General Information


About Korea

Korea, the Land of Morning Calm, is a truly remarkable place. There are so many things to see and do in Korea that you are sure to find an attraction that is the perfect match for your requirements. Korea’s rugged mountainous terrain and hundreds of miles of coastline provide unlimited scenic beauty and opportunities for outdoor activities throughout the year. But scenic wonders are not the only attraction of Korea. Evidence of Korea’s unique 5,000-year-old history and culture can be found everywhere. Every city and village has their share of traditional festivals that preserve the old ways of life, but updated to cater to the comforts of foreign visitors. The unique Korean cuisine has flavors sure to please every palate.


Currency Exchange

Korea’s currency unit is won which comes in 1,000, 5,000, 10,000 and 50,000 won bills, and 10, 50, 100 and 500 won coins. Generally, banks are open between 09:30-16:30 Monday to Friday. Automated teller machines are in operation 24 hours a day. Most larger stores, hotels and restaurants in Korea will accept major international credit cards. However, it is advisable to carry some cash, since many smaller establishments and stores are unlikely to accept any credit cards.


Tax & Tipping

Tipping is usually not customized in Korea, but it is appropriate for the excellent service. In major tourist hotels, 10% VAT and 10% service charge is added to the bills for rooms, meals and other services.



The average temperature of Seoul in early March is 5.4ºC (41.72 ºF).



Korea uses 110 and 220 volts, 60 cycles system but the standard voltage is 220 volts. Regarding the shape of outlet, Korea use ‘Round pin attachment plug’ type. Please check up your plug and prepare the adapter, if necessary.



Time Difference

In relation to Greenwich Mean Time, Korea is +9 hours.


1330 Korea Travel Phone

For English assistance or travel information, just dial 1330, and a bilingual operator will offer you detailed tourism information.


Telephone Calls

To make an international call, first dial the international dialing code (001, 002 or 008), then the country code, area code, and finally the individual number. You may rent a cell phone at the airport.


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Visa Assistance


Most foreigners who want to visit Korea just for a short-term tour or transit are permitted to enter Korea with no visa according to the principles of reciprocity or priority of national interest with a tourist/transit visa status (B-2, 30 days).


Invitation Letter (for Visa application for admission into Korea)

Participants requiring an official invitation letter in order to obtain a visa and authorization to attend WF-IoT2014 should contact no later than January 31, 2014.


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Attractions around Venue


Olympic Park

Olympic Park is a venue of civic sports, culture, and leisure where the spirit of the 1988 Seoul Olympics continues to live on. Scattered around the Olympic Park, you can see Olympic commemorative monuments and outdoor sculptures where the spirit of the 1988 Seoul Olympics continues breathing. Situated around the ancient Baekje relic, the Mongchon Fortress, are wide grass areas and the Mongchon Haeja (Artificial Moat), as well as small & large outdoor squares including the Peace Square which is well-arranged amidst a pleasant natural environment.


Seoul Baekje Museum

Seoul Baekje Museum is located in the Olympic Park. The museum showcases the long history of Seoul, the capital and heart of Korea and also the capital of ancient kingdom of Baekje (BCE 18-660 CE).





Bongeun Temple

Bongeun Temple in Gangnam-gu (located across from the COEX) was established in 794, making it the oldest temple in the city.







COEX Mall is a cultural complex in the center of city. This is the largest underground shopping and cultural area in Korea and more than 100,000 people visit the Mall each day since its opening in May 2000.

Located inside COEX Mall, the Aquarium is divided into four themes: an Ocean Theme Park with 40,000 creatures of marine wildlife of 650 species, the Water Journey where visitors experience other diverse marine life following the water from a high mountain to the deep sea, the Undersea Tunnel, which passes through 2,500 tons of sea water and a walkway that takes you through exhibits of sharks and other marine life.







Lotte World Adventure

Lotte World Adventure is recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the biggest indoor theme park in the world.






Package Tours

You can reserve various package tours including DMZ Tour, Palace Tour and so on.


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