IEEE PES Intelligent Grid Coordinating Committee (IGCC)

About IGCC

Mission and Scope

  • The Intelligent Grid Coordinating Committee (IGCC) addresses smart grid related standards, technologies and best practices that apply to activities within the IEEE PES, identify opportunities for their future applications, and provide a forum for the free exchange of information.
  • The Committee facilitates information exchange between committees, subcommittees, and working groups within the PES as it relates to smart grid standards development, education and related activities.
  • Rather than duplicate other ongoing efforts in industry, the focus here is to make sure that the IEEE-PES point of view is seen, heard, and utilized in implementing grid modernization throughout the industry.
  • Note that Smart Grid involves more than applying communications or any one specific technology to the grid – it is a multidisciplinary, systems of systems engineering issue and hence involves all the disciplines represented in PES technical committees.

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