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A Guide to Conference Tracks at the IEEE Games Entertainment & Media conference – GEM 2018
Is Fog-Computing the Missing Link for Thin-Client MMOG?
Immersive Audio at the core of New AR & MR Experiences at IEEE GEM Games & Interactive Media Conference


General Interest
The Alice Perry Engineering Building – A Story told in Pictures
Alice Perry – the first Woman in Europe to Graduate with an Engineering Degree – an inspiration for today’s Gaming & Interactive Media Researchers


Keynote Speakers
Medical & Healthcare uses & applications of Gaming Technologies are a core theme at IEEE GEM 2018
Speakers at IEEE GEM will explore “Augmented Spaces & Virtual Worlds”
Exploring New Modes of Play & Entertainment for Tomorrow’s Gamers


Conference & Technical Track
Guide to submitting a paper to IEEE GEM via Editor’s Assistant (EDAS)
IEEE Games, Entertainment & (Interactive) Media Conference, Galway, Ireland 15th-17th August 2018
IEEE Games Conference adds a track for Digital Arts & Humanities …
A Guide to conference tracks at IEEE GEM 2018 – #1 Technology Focussed Tracks
Follow-on Publication Opportunities at IEEE Games, Entertainment & Media conference #GEM2018
IEEE Games, Entertainment & Media conference (Galway, Ireland 15th-17th August 2018).


Venue & Travel
Attending #IEEEGEM in Galway this Summer? An Accommodation Guide for IEEE Games, Entertainment and Media Conference, 15th-17th August 2018
Getting to Galway, Ireland – Travel Advice for delegates attending IEEE GEM, 15th-17th August 2018


Student Sponsorships
Hints & Tips for Student Sponsorship at #GEM2018
How “Student Sponsorship” works for #GEM2018 …

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