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I&CPS 2018 Niagara Falls | Note to Authors

Dear Authors,

Thank you for presenting your paper(s) in the IAS annual meeting. Here are some information for you to prepare your presentations:

1. Please pass this information to the presenter of your paper(s).
2. No commercialization policy. You can only have the information (logo or name) of your affiliation at the title page of your presentation.
3. In case you have used equipment in your experiment, please block the logo of the manufacturer and describe the function of the product only.
4. Please reserve 5 min for Q&A.
5. Please attend “Author Breakfast” at the day of your presentation (The day of your paper presentation only).
a) Go to the table that has been reserved for your session (Should see a sign);
b) Bring your presentation in a USB drive;
c) Load your presentation to session chair’s computer;
d) Open the file and scan through it to make sure there is no issue.
6. If possible, please include author/presenter’s short bio at the first page (Before the title page) of your presentation. If you are unable to edit the file and add the information, please provide a hard copy of presenter’s short bio to the session chair at the author breakfast..

Thank you again and wish you enjoy the conference.

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