Tutorial Curriculum

CSA Z462 – Workplace Electrical Safety – Upcoming 2018 Edition – Changes and What You Need to Know?


Explore the changes and continual improvement process best practices as demonstrated between the 2015 and soon to be released 2018 editions as presented by the current Chair of the CSA Z462 Technical Committee standard.

Learn to navigate the CSA Z462 document organizational structure in a practical and efficient manner.

Discuss the critical interactions between Clause – Job Briefing and Clause – Risk Assessment Procedure.

Open discussions and Q & A sessions on how to implement ROI and sustain CSA Z462 as an integral portion of your Health and Safety Management System in your business units.


Instructor:                    Mike Doherty                 e-Hazard

Mike Doherty has served as the Technical Committee Chair of CSA Z462 – Workplace Electrical Safety, since inception in 2006. He is the owner and President of Blue Arc Electrical Safety Technologies Inc. and also an independent consultant/ trainer for eHazard in Canada. Mike completed 31 years of work at Ontario Hydro / OPG in their diverse nuclear power generation facilities in 2007. He is a licensed 449A electrician, Industrial Instrumentation Technician, Engineering Technician & H&S professional. He is a Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and an IEEE Petroleum & Chemical Industry Committee (PCIC) Emeritus. He is a featured columnist for Electricity Business Magazine called “Electrical Safety 360”. Mike was honored to be the 2013 recipient of the IEEE IAS Petroleum and Chemical Industry Committee (PCIC) Electrical Safety Excellence Award in Chicago, IL. He was the awarded best safety paper at the NETA PowerTest Conference during February 27 – March 3, 2017, in Anaheim California.