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3D Magnetohydrodynamic Modeling of DC Arc in Power System Rau, Shiuan-Hau; Zhang, Zhenyuan; Lee, Wei-Jen 2016-PSEC-0042
A Case Study of Voltage Transformer Failures in a Modern Data Center: Analysis, Mitigation, and Solution Implementation Abdelazim, Tamer; Dionise, Thomas; Yanniello, Robert 2016-PSPC-0051
A Modified Higher Order Power Filter for Grid-Connected Renewable Energy Systems Anzalchi, Arash; Moghaddami, Masood; Moghadasi,Amirhasan; Malek Pour, Maneli; Sarwat, Arif 2016-ESC-0069
A New Composite Load Model Structure for Industrial Facilities Liang, Xiaodong 2016-PSEC-0020
AC vs. DC Over-Potential Testing of AC Equipment Schuerger, Robert; Fleig, Richard; Escobedo, Oscar 2016-PSEC-0038
Analysis of Measured Power-Quality Results of Kuan-Yuan Onshore Wind Farm in Taiwan Wang, Li; Hong, Ting-Wei; Prokhorov, Anton V. 2016-PSEC-0045
Automatic System for Detection Critical Conditions in Overhead Lines Distribution Insulators Based on Leakage Current Analysis faramarzi palangar, mosalreza; Tabibzadeh, Mehrad;Mohseni, Sina; Jafari, Mohsen 2016-PSEC-0035
Coherency Identification and Oscillation Damping Effects of PSS in Interconnected Power System: A Comparative Analysis Approach Kolhe, Mohan; Patidar, N.; Nagar, L.; Sharma, A. 2016-PSEC-0037
Comprehensive Modeling, Simulation and Experimental Validation of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator Wind Power System Zou, Yu; He, Jiangbiao 2016-PSEC-0033
Considerations for Differential Protection in LV Buses Valdes, Marcelo; Sevov, Lubomir 2016-PSPC-0056
Customized Electrical Systems: The Special Case Of The Colosseum

IEEE I&CPS 2016-PSEC-0028 Customized Electrical Systems – The Special Case of the Colosseum – Parise – Frascarolo

Parise, Giuseppe; Martirano, Luigi; Parise, Luigi;Frascarolo, Marco 2016-PSEC-0028
Design of Special Protection System for an Offshore Island with High PV Penetration Yeh, Chih-Chieh; Chen, Chao-Shun; Ku, Te-Tien; Lin, C. H.; Hsu, C.T.; Chang, Yung-Ruei; Lee, Yih-Der 2016-PSPC-0048
Determining Reliability of Low Voltage Transfer Switches Arno, Robert; Bunal, Mark; Travis, Alison; Weber, Joe 2016-PSEC-0039
Developing and Testing a Digital Interconnection Protection for Grid-Connected WECSs Saleh, Saleh; Meng, Ryan; Meng, Julian 2016-PSPC-0054
Discharge Characteristics of Trapped Charge in Power Lines with Underground Cable and Overhead Line Segments Rahimi Pordanjani, Iraj; Wang, Yunfei; Cui, Ryan; Amiri,Ebrahim 2016-PSEC-0021
Efficiency Gap between AC and DC Electrical Power Distribution System BRENGUIER, Jérôme; Vallet, Maria; Vaillant, Frederic 2016-ESC-0076
Electrical Hazard Assessments – Do I Still Need to do Them? Neitzel, Dennis 2016-PSEC-0036
Evaluation of Control Methods to Prevent Prime-mover Stalling in a Mixed Source Microgrid Pulcherio, Mariana; Renjit, Ajit; Illindala, Mahesh;Khalsa, Amrit; Eto, Joe 2016-PSEC-0041
Evaluation of Power Transformer Losses Measurements Methods Under Nonlinear Load Conditions Damjanovic, Aleksandar; Integlia, Ryan; Sarwat, Arif 2016-PSEC-0022
Experimental Study and performance Evaluation of the Renewable Energy Conversion Systems under Realistic Grid Conditions Using RTDS Sattar, Adnan; Al Durra, Ahmed; Caruana, Cedric;Muyeen, S. M 2016-ESC-0080
Functions and Duties of the Forensic Electrical Engineer Parise, Giuseppe; Parise, Luigi; Lombardi, Mara; Hesla,Erling; Mitolo, Massimo; Mardegan, Claudio 2016-PSEC-0029
Gradient Descent Observer for On-Line Battery Parameter and State Coestimation Krüger, Eiko; Al Shakarchi, Franck; TRAN, Quoc-Tuan 2016-ESC-0079
Ground Fault Protection of Personnel in Industrial Locations Using the New UL 943C El-Sherif, Nehad; Mendler, Rick; Trotte, John; Pathak, Ajay 2016-PSPC-0178
IEEE 3004.5 Recommended Practice for the Application of Low-Voltage Circuit Breakers in Industrial and Commercial Power Systems Larsen, Ed; Valdes, Marcelo; Fox, Gary; Rempe, Ken; Walker, Christopher 2016-PSPC-0132
Impact Analysis of Large PV Integration: Case Studies in Taiwan Wu, Yuan-Kang; Ye, Guan-Ting; Shaaban, Mohamed 2016-ESC-0073
Improvement of Power Quality by using Advanced Reactive Power Compensation Liu, Yu-Wei; Rau, Shiuan-Hau; Wu, Chi-Jui; Lee, Wei-Jen 2016-PSEC-0023
Including Soil Drying Time in Cable Ampacity Calculations Bates, Carson; Cain, David; Malmedal, Keith 2016-PSPC-0133
Innovations in a Container Terminal Area and Electrical Power Distribution for the Service Continuity Parise, Giuseppe; Parise, Luigi; Pepe, Francesco Maria; Ricci, Stefano; Su, Chun-Lien; Chavdarian,Peniamin (Ben) 2016-PSEC-0030
Innovative Design and Feasibility Study for a Subsea Electrical Submersible Pump System Liang, Xiaodong 2016-PSEC-0024
Integrating Arc-flash PPE Categories in Protection Device Coordination Based on IEEE Std. 1584 and NFPA 70E Salehi, Vahid 2016-PSEC-0034
Interactions between Cathodically Protected Pipelines and Grounding Systems Mitolo, Massimo; Pettinger, Alfred 2016-PSEC-0025
Optimal Operation of Multiple DGs in DC Distribution System to Improve System Efficiency Lee, Soo Hyoung; Park, Jung-Wook 2016-PSEC-0040
Overview on Energy Saving Opportunities in Electric Motor Driven Systems – Part 1: System Efficiency Improvement Ferreira, Fernando; Almeida, Anibal T. de 2016-ESC-0071
Overview on Energy Saving Opportunities in Electric Motor Driven Systems – Part 2: Regeneration and Output Power Reduction Ferreira, Fernando; Almeida, Anibal T. de 2016-ESC-0072
Performance Evaluation of Optimal Photovoltaic-Electrolyzer System with the Purpose of Maximum Hydrogen Storage Khalilnejad, Arash; Sundararajan, Aditya; Sarwat, Arif 2016-ESC-0074
Photovoltaic Powered Ventilation for Climate Control in Electric Vehicles Muneer, T.; Kolhe, Mohan; Adhikari, S.; Smith, I. 2016-ESC-0078
Prioritized Coordinated Reactive Power Control of Wind Turbine Involving STATCOM Using Multi-Objective Optimization Moghadasi, Amirhasan; Moghaddami, Masood;Anzalchi, Arash; Sarwat, Arif; Mohammed, Osama 2016-ESC-0075
Protection of Medium Voltage SCR Driven Soft-Starter from High Frequency Switching Transients Damjanovic, Aleksandar 2016-PSPC-0049
Refrigerated container parks typical case of electrical systems with structured distributed loads Parise, Giuseppe; Parise, Luigi; Malerba, Andrea;Mattei, Francesco; Su, Chun-Lien; Chavdarian,Peniamin (Ben) 2016-PSEC-0032
Safety against burns from hot touchable parts of electrical equipment Mitolo, Massimo; Bajzek, Thomas 2016-PSEC-0026
Small-Signal Stability of a Grid-Connected Tidal Power-Generation System as Affected by System-Parameter Variations Wang, Li; Pan, Jian-Ming; Prokhorov, Anton V. 2016-PSEC-0044
Stability and Power-Flow Control of a Multi-machine Power System Connected with a Hybrid Offshore Wind Farm Using a Unified Power-Flow Controller Wang, Li; Ke, Shun-Chin; Prokhorov, Anton V. 2016-PSEC-0043
 The In-Op Design of Electrical Distribution Systems Based on Microsystem Criteria

IEEE I&CPS 2016-PSEC-0031 In-Op Design of Electrical Distribution Systems Based on Microsystem Criteria – Parise – Anthony – Harvey

Parise, Giuseppe; Parise, Luigi; Harvey, James; Anthony, Michael 2016-PSEC-0031
The Development and Formulation of a Power Flow Using d − q Reference Frame Components Saleh, Saleh 2016-PSEC-0027
The Development and Testing of a Coordinated Anti-Islanding Protection for Collector Systems with Multiple Distributed Generation Units Saleh, Saleh; Ozkop, Emre; Aljankawey, Abdualah 2016-PSPC-0050
The Effect of the Types of Network Topologies on Non-Technical Losses in Secondary Electricity Distribution Systems Yorukoglu, Sinan; Nasibov, Fuad; Mungan, Mehmet;Bagriyanik, Mustafa 2016-ESC-0070
Vector and Directions of a Bolted Phase-Ground Fault Current in a High-Resistance Grounded (HRG) Power System Paul, Dev 2016-PSPC-0052