I&CPS 2016 Conference Closes Successfully


Thank you to all of our colleagues and friends who attended this year’s conference.   Here are a few housekeeping items that may be of interest to you now:

  1. The Conference Record will be uploaded onto the IEEE Xplore Digital Library within the next few days.
  2. The I&CPS Department website — http://site.ieee.org/ias-icps/ — will soon accommodate technical committee web pages that are now located on the ICPS 2016 site: http://site.ieee.org/icps2016/committees/   This will make it possible for committees to roll their content from year-to-year more easily.
  3. Mike Anthony (maanthon@umich.edu), the provisional webmaster of the I&CPS site at the moment welcomes any colleague who has proficiency in WordPress to help maintain this I&CPS web site.

Hope to see you in Portand at the IAS Conference in October.

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