Tutorial Overview: Negotiating Rates for New or Larger Services


Joseph W. Moylan

Joseph Moylan is the co-owner and President of MEA Incorporated.

Mr. Moylan founded MEA Inc. in 2005.  It is a utility consulting firm specializing in utility matters.  The primary areas of work for MEA Inc. are: auditing of invoices, trending of utility consumption, contract negotiation, rate analysis, budget forecasting, and monitoring of pending utility rate filings with various state and federal authorities.  Utilities that MEA regularly deals with are: electricity, steam, water, and natural gas.  MEA Inc.’s main clients are large institutional utility consumers; including: the Detroit Medical Center, the State of Michigan, the Charter County of Wayne, the City of Detroit, and several real estate development firms.


Mr. Moylan has been monitoring tariffs and rate cases of Michigan’s largest utility companies for over thirty years.  He has been directly involved in each of DTE Electric Company’s (f/k/a Detroit Edison) main rate cases dating back to 1990.  He also represented five of the twenty-three customers that signed Large Customer Contracts (LCC’s) with Edison.  Mr. Moylan was the catalyst in assembling a group of the four largest healthcare providers in Edison’s service territory to intervene in the most recent main rate case (U-16472).


Prior to founding MEA Inc., Mr. Moylan spent 21 years working for Moylan Engineering Associates, Inc.  During his tenure there Mr. Moylan held the following positions.


1984 – 1988:   Draftsman and computer operator

1988 – 1992:   Technical support for utility tariff analysis

1992 – 2002:   Senior Analyst

2002 – 2005:   Principal Analyst


Mr. Moylan attended the University of Southern California in Los Angeles and the University of Michigan Dearborn.  His studies included electrical engineering and computer science.  He graduated from Detroit Catholic Central with honors in 1981.


Mr. Moylan has been a member of several utility consumer groups that intervene in matters before the MPSC and the Michigan State Legislature.  These groups include Energy Michigan and the Association of Businesses Advocating Tariff Equity (ABATE).


Mr. Moylan has worked for clients on utility issues in: Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, New York, Georgia, Florida, Arizona, and California.

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