Technical Program


The Call for Papers for the 2015 I&CPS conference is available for download here.

Updated 2015/04/30

A printable at-a-glance schedule of the conference is available for download.   The Detailed Program is also available for download.


Below, you can find a listing of the technical committees sponsoring papers at the conference.


The following Technical Committees of the Industrial & Commercial Power Systems Department sponsor technical papers at this conference:


  •     Power Systems Engineering Committee
  •     Power Systems Protection Committee
  •     Energy Systems Committee
  •     Codes & Standards Committee


The papers shall contribute to “the advancement of the theory and practice of engineering as design and management of electrical power systems” within “industrial plants, commercial buildings and institutional facilities” as described in the Department by-laws.


The technical program includes up to 32 technically relevant papers organized in 8 sessions, over 2 days.  Upon being subjected to peer review, papers presented in the Conference are advanced for publication in two of the most reputable yet popular industry publications: IEEE Industry Application Transactions and Industry Application Magazine.


Some of the published papers are the result of long and tedious work by assigned Work Groups (WG).  Work Groups are established by the Committees or Sub-Committees and they are task-specific.  Many of the material created by WG’s are adopted in subsequent revisions of the Standards sponsored by the I&CPS Department.


When you attend the technical sessions, you will have a first hand encounter with the authors and an early opportunity to observe the evolution of new ideas and practices.