Hospitality Suites

An Information Flyer on rental of the Hospitality Suites is now available.  Please Ken Martyn, Sponsorship Chair, for more information or to reserve a suite.


Hospitality Suites locations will be displayed the day when the suites are held. Please check the signs near the registration desk for the locations.


Code of Conduct


1. Vendor hospitality rooms used as a means of entertaining customers, making and renewing acquaintances, and for commercial discussions on an individual oriented basis shall be allowed.


2. The principal member responsible for the vendor’s hospitality room shall have a full registration for the workshop.


3. Vendor hospitality rooms shall be closed during official Workshop program hours, including the time set aside for technical meetings, official banquets, official luncheons, official cocktail parties, or like affairs.


4. At least one-half hour before official Workshop affairs, vendors shall close their hospitality rooms to guests, including those already present. The rooms shall not reopen until such Workshop affairs are officially closed.


5. An attempt shall be made to close all hospitality rooms by a reasonable hour so as not to interfere with the following day’s program.


6. A listing of all hospitality room sponsors and locations is allowed to be displayed in the Workshop Registration area.


7. Literature and products for display on a personal and individual basis in hospitality rooms shall be permitted as long as it is consistent with the technical communication objectives of the Workshop.


8. All vendors intending to have hospitality rooms shall give notification to the Workshop Committee prior to the beginning of registration.


9. Hospitality Suites shall be open to all conference attendees, and to conference attendees only.