Committee Meetings

Committee meetings will be held on Tuesday, May 5, 2015.  Refer to the Schedule-at-a-Glance for meeting times.

The Industrial & Commercial Power Systems Department (ICPSD) has the following Technical Committees:

  •     Power Systems Engineering Committee (PSEC)
  •     Power Systems Protection Committee (PSPC)
  •     Energy Systems Committee (ESC)
  •     Codes & Standards Committee (CSC)
  •     Rural Electric Power Committee (REPC)


Each of the first four technical committees conducts two annual meetings to discuss the technical affairs related to its activities.  Every year, one of the semi-annual meetings is held during May’s Industrial and Commercial Power Systems Technical Conference.  From Technical Committees branch Subcommittees and Work Groups.  Also Subcommittees and Work Groups take the opportunity of the Conference to hold their relevant meetings.


In addition to the technical committees, the ICPSD has Standing Committees. One of the Standing Committee is the Technical Books Coordination Committee (TBCC).  The TBCC is the committee spear heading the updating and reforming the Color Books.  For that purpose, the TBCC has eight New Technical Books Work Groups.


If you are attending the Conference for the first time, we encourage you to attend, as a guest, some of the Work Groups and Technical Subcommittee meetings to get a feeling of the activities of each group.  You may participate in one or more of the Work Group Activities.  Typically Work Group’s activities result in publishing a Work Group paper.  In a number of cases, Work Group papers resulted in Standards’ Initiation or Standards’ Revision.