Conference App

The IEEE IAS I&CPS Technical Conference is using the EventMobi app as their scheduling platform for the 2015 conference in Calgary, AB.   EventMobi works on any smartphone, tablet, or laptop, it does not require a download, and it can operate offline once the initial connection has been established.





Attendees will be emailed a passcode and link to EventMobi I&CPS 2015 app 1 to 2 weeks prior to the conference, and there will also be a scannable QR code at the event to link you to the website.   Once connected, attendees can set up their profile page and use the array of functions available through EventMobi to help you navigate the wealth of information and networking connections available throughout the conference.   Some of the main functions of EventMobi are listed below with descriptions of what they have to offer attendees.



The I&CPS 2015 conference will have 3 concurrent tracks of seminars, tutorials, and paper presentations occurring. Each timeslot in the agenda opens to reveal the session time, location, downloadable documents, and there is also an area for taking notes during the sessions.   Attendees can extract their notes from the app via an email function in the app’s note taking feature.


The agenda will be available for review when attendees and speakers receive their passcodes, and sessions can be browsed by time, track, or by using the search function to locate by session name.   Get the most out of your I&CPS conference experience by reviewing speaker profile pages, presentation descriptions, and downloadable copies of the pertinent documents for each session.   Using this information, attendees can make well informed decisions about which sessions and events best address their interests, and populate their personalized schedule with their favourites.


Please note: populating your schedule does not guarantee you a seat at any of the sessions.   The session rooms have maximum capacity restrictions, so the best way to ensure being admitted is to arrive early.



The alert function allows conference organizers to immediately notify attendees of any changes or important updates to the conference, to maximize the amount of time for attendees to make adjustments, if necessary.



EventMobi allows each attendee and speaker to set up a personalized profile page, where they can choose to load their professional details, a brief description of themselves and/or company, as well as post links to websites and social media.  Profile pages can be edited at any time, even during the event.  In fact, the event page will stay active for up to a year after the event has ended, so you can re-check your network connection profiles, notes, session descriptions, and downloadable documents.


Through the personalized profile pages, networking is made easier and more efficient.  Attendees and speakers can browse each other’s profile pages and connect through using the app’s instant messaging function (wi-fi dependent) or connect through any social media links posted in the profile.



There will be a list of sponsors and exhibitors with links to additional information about the companies, and conference information such as whether they have a booth and booth locations.


We encourage you to use EventMobi to maximize your I&CPS 2015 conference experience in Calgary, AB.  You can also help to improve future conferences by providing feedback on individual sessions and the overall event through the app’s feedback functions.


If you have any questions about the app feel free to contact EventMobi at anytime:

Or, you can approach the registration desk at the conference, and we will do our best to resolve any issues.