A main scope of the working group (WG) is to contribute to a new engineering forensic approach that can provide new perspectives, new job opportunities and new skills for engineers with the benefit of society in mind that the accident prevention is always the best approach.

The new approach suggests a tentative solution to resolve the historical dichotomy between the logic of the “certainty” required by the judicial outcome of proceedings and the logic of the “uncertainty” of the engineering.

In the accident-cases that require a risk assessment, the subcommittee suggests utilizing the subdivision of accident-related trials into two levels, a junior “engineering” level followed by a senior level or formal trial. A junior level might better support the formulation of the verdict by providing a more exhaustive analysis of the accident causation and parties’ responsibilities. It might also provide criteria to improve the safety of persons for accident prevention in the workplaces and in the operation of electrical installations.

Around the world, institutions establish and define the competencies of the forensic engineer and promote the advancement of the forensic science through conferences and publications.

These institutions can support the suggested approach, considered that the safety is a basic human right and increase it is a duty.

The suggested junior trial might constitute an opportunity to benchmark and improve existing standards of care and safety related procedures, it might contribute to constitute scientific databases internationally recognized and generally accepted as references.