Guide for Switchgear – Unit Substation – Requirements / Comments Due May 25th

  IEEE PC37.121 This guide covers three-phase unit substations for step-down operation in the range of 112.5 kVA or greater at primary voltages of 601 V through 52 kV. This guide does not cover the following installations: a) Substations in which the transformer section is described and defined as “network,” “subway,” “vault,” or “underground” in… Read more

IEEE 1610 Guide for Application of Faulted Circuit Indicators | Comments due July 9th

  These devices are applied on large solidly-grounded campus power distribution systems — typically on the outgoing cable in normally operating radial topologies — to assist electricians in locating faulted cable. ┬áIt is not unthinkable that these devices could be an essential element in the emergent #SmartCampus if the signal can be directed to operators… Read more